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Muammargadhafi’s  Blog   “My Notebook: Muammar Al-Gadhafi In My Opinion ( Part II ) In English” is   dedicated   to my Muslim  Brothers   and   Sisters ,  my   friends    all   over  the  world ,    especially   Brother   Leader,   Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  and   I am  sure he  will  read  it.    All  of  these  articles  are my opinion    specifically analyzing    the   news    and   various   events     of     Colonel   Muammar     Al-Gadhafi,      including     Libyan Arab  Jamahiriya    especially   in    terms  of    politics.   The   articles    will    be  continued    unlimited    and  written   on    the  same  page  in this Muammargadhafi’s    Blog.  The  goal  is  to  deflect   all      the   writings  of    others both    within country    ( Indonesia )    and    abroad      who   are   often       offensive       Colonel Muammar  Al-Gadhafi   because    he  dared  against    the    evil     actions   that  have       been   done  by  the international   Zionists-imperialism.   Moreover, before the  rebellion events,  the   Indonesian    mass-media   rarely  convey  the   news   of  Colonel   Gadhafi and  Jamahiriya,   so  the most    Indonesian    people    do not   know about   the  role  of  Colonel     Muammar Al-Gadhafi    in   the   world    like    in      the   Arab   World,  Africa ,  Latin America  and especially in the  Muslim World.

The world community, especially the Muslims today have forgotten the crimes of  Human Rights by the United States, Great Britain, and the other Zionist countries  against Muslims  in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to John J. Kruzel, American Forces Press Service, March 10, 2010, about  98,000 U.S. military forces remain in Iraq.  Until 2010, more than 22 NATO Nations deploy over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan as a part of the I.S.A.F.   Another sources said that Afghanistan  and Iraq occupied by NATO’s  troops, their people oppressed,  plundered  state wealth-out, not up there , beside torture they also raped Muslim women are not helpless. According to the statement  of  Mr. William Ramsey Clark,  American lawyer on January 29,  2004,  at least 40, 000 defenseless people  in Iraq have been killed by U.S. violence since the latest aggression began in March 2003.  According to Wikileaks on October 22,  2010, the report detail of the war document  and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004  to  31 December 2009,  109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised  of 66,081 civilians,  23, 984  “enemy”,  15,196 host nation  Iraqi  government forces ) and 3,777 friendly ( coalition forces ). The majority of the deaths  ( 66,000, over 60% ) of these are civilian deaths. That is 31 civilians, including children everyday during the six year period killed by U.S. troops  and until now their crime is still ongoing, moreover the U.S. government under the leadership  of President Barack Obama to further improve  the number of U.S. troops dispatch to Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of Muslims in Iraq  and Afghanistan who were killed by NATO troops , especially by American troops are not counted.     Do not have a sense of  shame  President Barack Obama  and  officials in Washington  who bloodied their hands of the Muslim people in Iraq and Afghanistan storytelling about DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS  in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ?   Their claims are to distract and deceive the international community. They  have humiliated the U.S. people who are often deceived by them especially about 9/11 attacks. Today all international community know that “WAR ON TERRORISM”  is a bad tactics of the U.S. Government  to attack and  occupy the Muslim countries and their enemies.
Why there is no courage of the United Nations  Security Council  to impose sanctions  for crimes and barbaric  acts of NATO troops led by U.S.  in Iraq and Afghanistan ?   While on the Libyan Arab  Jamahiriya which has been  accused of  killing his  “people”  ( the rebels), the U.N. Security Council directly and immediately provides a variety of sanctions. Why the  U.N. Security Council is very difficult to take action against the Israeli Zionist  crimes that have killed Palestinian Arab people  in Gaza ?  The U.S. warship and marine troops on March 2, 2011  are ready located  in the waters of  Mediterranean   Sea near the coast of Jamahiriya with a reason to give humanitarian aid.  Is providing humanitarian assistance should be through  military force ?  In fact  the real purpose of the U.S.  which will be followed by the international Zionist conspiracy  (NATO  ) troops are  want to help the rebels through the invasion as in Iraq, so that they can immediately get rid  of Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi and at once  they will  occupy  the centers of  OIL refineries across the region Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The other crimes , in addition to the rebels in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, led by the descendants of King Idriss as Sanusi , who infiltrated the town of  Benghazi from the Great Britain and Sweden, as well provoked by the terrorist Al-Qaeda  by handling out liquor, drug / cocaine  to  the youths for daring against the army of the Jamahiriya.  Many people of the Muslim countries duped by  Al-Qaeda terrorists  who run these commands from  the C.I.A. and use  Islam in carry out the terror. Who is actually Osama Bin Laden ?  What is the background of Al-Qaeda ?  President Barack Obama declared on May 2, 2011 that Osama Bin Laden, 54, was killed after a gun-battle with Navy SEALs and C.I.A. paramilitary forces at compound in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan. But why, suddenly President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden that was broadcast by the mass-media around the world? The answers you will find on this page.  Also  please read the articles below about crime ,  cruelty  of  human beings savage  that have been done by the international Zionist plot  based in Europe , Australia and  United States.  

In this case a very regrettable, mostly the mass-media and the people in the Muslim countries, including in  Indonesia  pretend blind, deaf and suddenly willing to cooperate with the international Zionist plot to spread malicious propaganda and fake news to humiliate  and discredit  the Muslim leader,  Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi . Embarrassing !

Permanent title and will be published as a book,  “My Notebook :   Muammar Al-Gadhafi In My Opinion”. 

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This chapter is very important because in 1970’s until 1990’s  Libya always accused by the West countries as “The Kingdom of Terrorism” and Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi is “The Godfather of Terrorists”. While we have known that Libya and Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi have been defender of the struggle of oppressed people all over the world for true liberation.  For example when South Africa under apartheid government, the West countries, especially U.K. and U.S. government recognized and supported the inhuman regime. By this analogy, Nelson Mandela who was fighting against apartheid in his country would be a terrorist, but Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi always side with him. Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi said: “We did our historical duty when duty had to be done by arms. Libya fought the United States and shot down its pilots and its aircraft. But now the time has come to reap the fruits of this armed struggle, namely peace, stability and development.”  “Now we are facing new challenges, which are common enemies to all of us. In the past Libya had led a liberation movement in the Third World and Africa”,  he said.  “Now Libya has decided to lead the peace movement all over the world ,” Colonel Gadhafi said to “The Independent” on April 28, 2004 in Brussels.

Many Journalists exposed the facts of hidden stakes of the war on Afghanistan and the secret operations of the “War On Terrorism”. In this chapter according to their analysis will be uncovered the plot in detail how the United States and the United Kingdom double standard policy toward “The War On Terrorism”.  Among others are: “What is a terrorist ?” ; “It’s a classic Frankenstein’s monster situation. How the C.I.A. created Osama Bin Laden as an icon of the terrorism ?”; “The relationship between Al-Qaeda and C.I.A. is still underway”;  “Libya’s request to INTERPOL to arrest Osama Bin Laden was blocked by West countries” ; “Who is Osama Bin Laden?”; “9/11  Tragedy was a conspiracy.” ; “Is Osama Bin Laden dead or still alive ? ; And “British intelligence paid large sums of money to LIFG ( Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ) a jihad network with  links to Al-Qaeda to assassinate Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi. What is a terrorist? “Terrorism  is justified by Western arrogance “, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi said. Colonel Gadhafi made it known through press agency JANA, August 25, 2003, that “the West still has a policy of double measures resulting from it arrogance and disdain it has for other nations and their public opinion. Terrorism is a phenomenon with a double cause and it finds its justification in these policies”. Several years ago, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya accused of financing the international terrorists by the West. But it was answered by Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi that nuclear weapons are also a form of terrorism. “Military bases in other countries, is a form of terrorism against the people and their neighbors countries. Economic boycott against the party of the people including the form of terrorism. Also provide assistance to countries that are occupying the other country, an act of terror,” Colonel Gadhafi said.  Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Al Gadhafi  was called to nations of the world to explain what is the meaning of terrorism, ranging from airplane hijackings up to manufacturer nuclear weapons. Colonel Gadhafi  expressed his oddity, why the people of the United States are always screaming about the hijacking of airplanes, but at the same time they forget the operations of their fleets, missiles intercontinental they have made, and the hunger which they have created is a serious sources of terrorism against humanity. “We oppose the hijacking of aircraft to terrorize the innocent people,” Colonel Gadhafi said. Later he added, “but we can not suppress these actions before we can terminate the principal reason. If all countries in the world willing to talk seriously about terrorism in all its aspect in a meeting at the United Nations, then we will come at first to take such talk.” So far, the United States accused another countries carelessly as “terrorist or not terrorist.” They are terrorists!!!  If they are brown or Arabs and Muslims. If they are white and Jewish, then they are freedom fighters. If there are Muslim fighters against American enemies, of course, they are “Mujahideen”.  In 1980’s  Taliban fighters supported by United States against Soviet Union.

What Is A Terrorist ?

According to Jeff Cohen, a media critic and author who wrote an article about the definition of terrorist published on May 01, 2002 by  —————-:

Ter-ror-ist   ( ter’er-ist ) n.   1. One who engages in acts or an act of terrorism.


2. One who leads an armed group that kills civilians as a means of political intimidation ————–unless he terrorizes Haitians while on the C.I.A. – payroll, as did 1990’s death squad leader, Emmanuel Constant, in which case the U.S. refuses to extradite him to Haiti, even after September 11, 2001.


3. One who targets civilian airliners and ships ————————  unless he blows up a Cuban civilian airliners, killing 73 people, and fives at a Polish freighter, like Orlando Bosch, in which case he is coddle and paroled by the Bush Justice Department in 1990, and his extradition is blocked.

4. One who leads a group that engages in kidnapping and murder ————————–  unless the victims are Hondurans attacked by C.I.A. – backed death squad Battalion 316, in which case Battalion architect, Gustavo Alvarez, becomes a Pentagon Consultant, while the then-ambassador to Honduras who downplayed the terror, John Negroponte, is ambassador to the United Nations days after September 11, 2001.

5. One who uses rape and murder for political purposes ——————-unless the victims are four U.S. church women sexually assaulted and killed in 1980 by members of El Salvador’s U.S. – backed military, in which case excuses and distortions pour forth from then the U.S.  Ambassador to United Nations, Jeane Kirkpatrick said, “these nuns were not just nuns, they were also political activities”, and Secretary of State, Al Haigh ( Alexander Haigh ) added , “the nuns may have tried to run a roadblock”.

Contra guerrillas trained and armed by  C.I.A.  against  SANDINISTA  government.

6. One who designates civilians as “soft targets” to be attacked in the cause of political transformation —————————unless the targets are Nicaraguans killed by Contra guerrillas armed and directed by the United States who, according to Human Rights Watch, “systematically engage in violent abuses ——- so prevalent that these may be said to be their principal means of waging war.”

More than 900 Arab Palestinians killed by Lebanese Christian militia and Israeli soldiers  in Sabra and Shatila   in  September 16  –  18,  1982.

Ariel  Sharon.

7. One who facilities a massacre of civilians ———– unless the victims are 900 Palestinians shot and backed to death in the Sabra and Shatila camps by Lebanese Christian militia as Israeli soldiers stood guard, in which case Israel’s then Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon remains a U.S. “War On Terrorism” ally after being censured as indirectly responsible for the massacre by an Israeli commission of inquiry.

In addition to Jeff Cohen’s opinions about who are the terrorists, in this case should be augmented by the Writer that drug / cocaine dealers are the most dangerous terrorists in the world and should be eradicated.  During this time the West countries give the term “terrorism” based on their own version. Arabs especially Libyans and Muslims are terrorists. In the legislation of anti-terrorism that exists in every country except Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Venezuela and another Socialist countries, is the creation of the United States. Therefore, none of the  sentences stating drug / cocaine dealers are terrorists.  Moreover, drug / cocaine dealers the biggest in the world such as in Columbia, Gold Triangle region in Southeast Asia and Afghanistan controlled by the C.I.A. to finance their political criminal operations. Cocaine dealers mostly come  from Western countries, including the United States and Australia. Also from  Latin America and Nigeria that masquerade as tourists,  all of them controlled by the C.I.A.  The C.I.A. intends to create a crazy generation all over the world especially in Muslim countries. Drug / cocaine dealers should be equated with terrorist. Therefore, they should be hanged, shot or beheaded and there is no forgiveness or light sentences for them.  It must be remembered that they are the most dangerous terrorists!

The Term Phrase Of  “War On Terrorism”

Created By The  Director  of  C.I.A.

George  John Tennet, born January 5, 1953,  Director of Central Intelligence ( D.C.I. ) for the United States Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ), and is Distinguished  Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University.  George John Tennet held the position as the DCI from July 1997 to July 2004.  In February 2008, he became a Managing Director at the merchant bank Allen &  Company.  After the September 11 attacks,  many observers criticized  the intelligence community for numerous “intelligence failures” as one of the major reasons why the attacks were not prevented. George J. Tennet  testified before a public hearing of the September 11, 2001 Commission  investigating 9/11, that he did not meet with President George W. Bush in August 2001,  the month before the September 11 attacks.  The same evening after the hearings,  a C.I.A. spokesman corrected Tennet’s  testimony,  stating that Tennet did indeed meet  with President George W. Bush twice  in August.  Tennet  in his memoir writes of his memorable visit to President George W. Bush’s  ranch in Crawford,  Texas, August 2001. In August 2007,  a secret report written by the C.I.A. Inspector General was made public   ( originally written in 2005 but kept secret ).    The   19-page summary states that  G. J.  Tennet  knew dangers of Al-Qaeda well before September 2001, but that the leadership of the C.I.A.  did not do enough to prevent any attacks.  G. J. Tennet  reacted to the publication of this  report by calling it “flat wrong”, citing in particular the planning efforts  of the past  two years.  G. J. Tennet immediately increased  the size and capability of the C.I.A.’s  special operations component  housed in the special Operations  Group of the Special Activities Division.  These Parliamentary Operations Officers were the first to enter both Afghanistan and Iraq.  One in these countries  these officers organized and led the Northern  Alliance against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Kurds against Ansar Al-Islam and Saddam Hussein’s  forces in Iraq. The rebuilding of this capability and the successful employment of these elite commandos are considered  one of G. J.  Tennet  greatest achievements in the global “War on Terror”. George John Tennet  that his Al-Qaeda plan had placed the C.I.A.  in a better position to respond after the 9/11 attacks. As he put it.  How could ( an intelligence ) community without a strategic plan tell the President of the United States just four days after 9/11 how to attack the Afghan sanctuary and operate against Al-Qaeda in ninety two countries around the world ?  This was at a meeting of the restricted National Security Council or “War Council”  –  Camp David on September  15, 2001.  G. J. Tennet  presented the Worldwide Attack  Matrix, a blueprint for what become known as “The War On Terrorism”.

G.J. Tennet – Bush – Cheney.

G. J. Tennet proposed firstly to send C.I.A. team into Afghanistan to collect intelligence on, and mount covert operations against Al-Qaeda and Taliban. The teams would act jointly  with military special operations units.  P[resident George W. Bush later praised  this proposal, saying it had been a turning point in his thinking. Citing “personal reasons”, George  John  Tennet  submitted his resignation  to President George W. Bush  on June 3, 2004. James Pavitt,  his Deputy Director for Operations at the C.I.A. ,  announced his resignation the following day, leading to speculation that the exit of both senior intelligence  officials  was related to the controversy  over alleged Iraqi  W.M.D. s   and the decision to go to war.  The Writer argues that whatever  the reasons of G. J. Tennet  about the “failure”  to prevent 9/11 attacks, absurd and convoluted.  The Writer believes that G. J. Tenet  has  already known  that there will be events of the 9/11  as well as President George W. Bush,  all of them  involved.  However, President  Bush voiced support for  G. J.  Tennet’s   efforts,  stating :  “George Tennet did a super job for America. It was a high honor to work with him,  and I am sorry he left,”   reported by Reuters, June 5, 2004.

National Strategy For Combating

Terrorism Formed By C.I.A.

The issue of “War on Terrorism” is begun by the world is a violent place and for various political, economic, religious and many reasons, wars and conflicts often erupt. The world was rocked by the story of U.S. government about 9/11 tragedy: “On September 11, 2001, the nineteen Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airlines. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying at least two nearby buildings and damaging others. In total 2,993 people, including the hijackers, died in the attacks. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon and a fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania after the passengers and flight crew revolved.

W.T.C.  New York in the 9/11 2001.


In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi was one of the first leaders to issue a strong statement condemning the attacks and declaring that U.S was justified in retaliating. In the months following September 11, Libyan agents delivered three decades of intelligence they had gathered on Al-Qaeda cell and related groups through the Muslim world.  Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi: “Irrespective of the conflict with America, it is a human duty to sympathy with the American people and be with them at these horrifying and awful events which are bound to awaken human conscience. When I was five, my brother was shot by an Israeli soldier, since then I have been dedicated to uniting the Arab countries throughout the Middle East Arab and retain a trade flow with the West.” A few hours after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, the George W. Bush administration conclude without supporting evidence, that “Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda organization were prime suspects.”

C.I.A. Director, George Tenet state that Osama Bin Laden has the capacity to plan “multiple attacks with little or warning.” Secretary of State, Colin Powell called the attacks “an act of war” and  President George W. Bush confirmed in an evening televised address to the Nation that he would “make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” Former C.I.A. Director, James Woolsey his finger at “state sponsorship,”  implying the complicity an one or more foreign governments. In the words of former U.S National Security, Laurence Eagleburger: “ I think we show when we get attacked like this, we are terrible in our strength and in our retribution.” Immediately after 9/11, 2001 attacks, the U.S. government offered a reward of US$ 25 million for information leading to his capture or death the Leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. On July 13, 2007 this figure was doubled to US$ 50 million. The Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association are offering an additional US$ 2 million reward. The surprise for the world, President George W. Bush said: “Now for all nations of the world, there only two choice. Either they join America, and if they don’t, they join the terrorism. The George W. Bush administration through C.I.A. in February 2002 formed of strategy known as National Strategy for Combating Terrorism. In this strategy President George W. Bush stressed: “The enemy is not one person. It is not a single political regime. Certainly it is not a religion. The enemy is terrorism premeditated, politically motivated. Violence perfect rated against noncombatant target by sub national groups or clandestine agents. Those who employ terrorism, regardless of their specific secular or religious objectives, strive to the rule of law and effect through violence and fear. These terrorists also here share this-guided belief that killing, kidnapping, extorting, robbing, and wreaking havoc  to terrorize people are legitimate forms of political action.” But these President George W. Bush statements are not supported by all American scientists, especially Robert Jervis from Columbia University.

Jervis said that “this perspective is misleading as an explanation for terrorism or a prescription for dealing with, however. It is difficult to say exactly what the root cause.” The war in Afghanistan begun in 2001 with the American response to the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. This event  triggered the Coalition invasion / liberation of Afghanistan and continuing  worldwide “WAR ON TERRORISM.” The Taliban government was overthrown, and a new regime installed. The U.S., the new Afghanistan government, and NATO forces are still trying to pacify parts of the country where the Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces operate.

Libya’s Request To INTERPOL

To Arrest Osama Bin Laden Was Blocked

By West Countries.

One group that never supported by Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi was Al-Qaeda. In fact, Colonel Gadhafi issued the first INTERPOL warrant for Osama Bin Laden in 1998 for the killings of two German counter terrorism  agents in Tripoli, three years before the tragedy September 11, 2001 in the United States. In fact, the first international warrant for Osama Bin Laden issued by Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in March 1998 three years ahead of the United States. INTERPOL Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble was interviewed on April 16, 2003 by the PBS television network in the United States in connection with the four-part documentary series “Avoiding Armageddon”, which dealt with the threat posed by terrorists who may have access to weapons of mass destruction.

INTERPOL  Secretary-General  Ronald K. Noble. 

PBS: “You are a global law enforcement organization. You are with police forces, law enforcement, all over the world. Some of this terrorism is global in nature, what’s the hardest part about a global law enforcement pursuing a global adversary?” RN: “The hardest part is trusted by one of member countries who knows that another member country, is engaged in wrongdoing. The example I will use this. Its fair to say that the relationship between The United States and Libya is not strong. Libya is a member of INTERPOL, so people will say, from the intelligence community or law enforcement agencies. We can’t work with INTERPOL because Libya’s a member of INTERPOL. And if the analysis stops right there, the United States and other countries are hurt. Why? Because the first country in the world to seek the arrest of Osama Bin Laden was Libya in 1998. So what I say to law enforcement around the world is: Trust us with the names of people you are looking for you don’t need to give us all information. But when we put Osama Bin Laden into our database, and Osama Bin Laden goes into an airport, and the passport is scanned, the U.S. then has the information and can decide: “We contact Libya, or we don’t”.

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 10, 1957. His father Muhammad Awad Bin Laden was a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family. Osama Bin Laden was born the only son of Muhammad Bin Laden’s tenth wife, Hamida Al-Attas. Osama’s parents divorced soon after he was born. Osama’s mother then married Muhammad Al-Attas. All of them, their grandfathers come from Hadramauth, Republic of Yemen. This couple had four children, and Osama live in the new household with three step brothers and one step sister.

Osama was raised as a devout Wahhabi Muslim. Osama studied economics and business administration at King Abdulaziz University. Osama earned a degree in civil Engineering in 1979 and a degree in public administration in 1981. In 1974, at the age of 17, Osama Bin Laden married his first wife Nazwa Ghanem at Latakia. As of 2002 Osama had married four women and fathered  roughly 26 children. Osama Bin Laden identified himself as an anti-Semitic, and has delivered warnings against alleged Jewish conspiracies: ”These Jews are masters of usury and leaders in treachery. They will leave you nothing, either in this world or the next. Shiah Muslims have been listed along with”. Heretics, ……………..America and Israel, “as the four principal” at ideology classes of Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda organization. Is it right? But the truth is, he told the world community a lie.

Al-Qaeda Is The Base Of  Terrorists.

Author Laurence Wright in his book “The Looming Tower” writes that Al-Qaeda (The Base) was formed on August 11, 1988 meeting of “with several senior leaders” of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, (Sayyed Imam Al-Sharif, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and others), Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and Osama Bin Laden, where it was agreed to join Bin Laden’s money with the expertise of the Islamist Jihad organization and continue jihad else where after the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan.

Sayyed Imam Al-Sharif. 

Al-Qaeda operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless arm and a fundamentalist Sunni movement for Al-Qaeda al-Sulbah (a vanguard of the strong). Al-Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden. 250,000 Afghan Mujahideen fought the Soviets and Communist Afghan government. Foreign mujahedeen volunteers came from 43 countries. The Soviet Union finally withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. Ayman Al-Zawahiri formally merger Egyptian Islamic Jihad into Al-Qaeda.  Ayman Muhammad Rabaie Al-Zawahiri born June 19, 1951 is a prominent leader of Al-Qaeda, and was the second and last “emir” of Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Ayman Al-Zawahiri  is a qualified surgeon, and is an author of works including numerous Al-Qaeda statements.  Al-Qaeda evolved from the Maktab al-Khidamat ( Service Office ), a Muslim organization was established by Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and Osama Bin Laden in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1984.

Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

Abdullah Yusuf Azzam is a Palestinian Islamic scholar and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. After Abdullah Yusuf Azzam was assassinated in 1989, the Maktab al-Khidamat split, with a significant member joining Osama Bin Laden’s organization.  Evidence points to suicide squads led by Al-Qaeda military commander Muhammad Atta as the culprits of the attacks, with Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Khalid Shaikh Muhammed, and Hambali as the key planners and part of the political and military command. They said will fight the enemy of Islam. But the truth is, they told Muslims all over the world a lie. They put all Muslims down,  especially in the international forum as terrorists.

Osama Bin Laden ( L ) and Dr. Ayman Al- Zawahiri ( R ).

Hambali &  Khalid S. Muhammad.

A Confusing Statements.

There are theories that 9/11 was part of an international Jewish conspiracy. On the contrary, on the internet, Al-Qaeda the second leader Dr. Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiry has attached Shia, Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran for spreading it, claiming, “the objective behind this lie to deny that the Sunnis have heroes who harm America as no one has harmed it throughout its history and that Iran’s aim to cover up its involvement in the invading of Iraq and Afghanistan.” The statement of Ayman Al-Zawahiri  is more proper come from Israel. So Al-Qaeda’s opinion is the same as Zionists. In the 2004 Osama Bin Laden abandoned his denials without retracting past statements. In it he stated he had personally directed the nineteen hijackers to 9/11, 2001 attacks. This statement goes against Ayman Al-Jawahiri’s statement.

Osama Bin Laden And Al-Qaeda Funded By

The United States In “Operation Cyclone”.

The C.I.A.’s  support of the Islamic Mujahideen  ( Operation Cyclone  1979 – 1992 ).

Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski,  President  Carter’s  National  Security  Advisor  and

Osama Bin Laden.

The West  should also seek to cultivate secularist governments and ideology, reversing a process which has after seen an unholy alliance between Islamists and Western intelligence agencies. Osama Bin Laden himself got his start as an ally of the C.I.A. in the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. So was President Saddam Hussein as an ally of the C.I.A. in the war against the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1980’s. According to “The Times” on August 24, 1998, Osama Bin Laden et all were C.I.A. employees, given the best training, arms, facilities, and lots of cash for many years.  According to on October 7, 2008 the United States funded Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in “Operation Cyclone.”  The Operation Cyclone was the code name for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) program to arm the Afghan mujahideen  during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1979 to 1989.  Operation Cyclone is one of the longest and most expensive covert C.I.A. operations ever undertaken, funding began with US$ 20 – 30 million per year in 1980 and rose to US$ 630 million per year in 1987.

Soviet  troops  withdrawing from  Afghanistan  in  1988.

After the fall of Afghanistan regime pro Moscow, the United States openly supported Osama Bin Laden and friends, they were given a label “resistance fighters” so they were OK. Now they have been given a new label “terrorists” and thus they are transformed. Amazing!!! Meanwhile “The Times” reports that the United States spent more than six billion U.S. dollars to support Al-Qaeda and that is just in Afghnistan. And how many billions dollar have been funneled to similar resistance fighters in other hand? Who is the greater terrorist? The person who pulls the trigger? Or the superpower that recruits him, pay him, trains him, arms him to the teeth and builds him the finest state – of – the – art training camp with room for “terrorists from all over the world?”

“Enemy Number One”

Negotiating With C.I.A. ?

On September 13, 2003 Reuters report quoting Labeviere’s  book “Corridors of Terror” points to alleged “negotiations” between Osama Bin Laden and the C.I.A., which took place two months prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks at the American Hospital in Dubai, U.A.E., while Osama Bin Laden was recovering from a kidney dialysis treatment. The question “Enemy Number One” in hospital recovery from dialysis treatment “negotiating with C.I.A. ?”

American  Hospital in Dubai  ( U.A.E. ). 

According to the Reuters report: “At the time, Osama Bin Laden had a multi-million U.S. dollar price on his head for his suspected role in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa.”  So why did the hospital staff, who knew that Osama Bin Laden was at the American Hospital in Dubai, not claim the reward? If the C.I.A. had wanted to arrest Osama Bin Laden prior to September 11, 2001 they could have done it then in Dubai. But they would not have had a the war on terrorism pretext for waging a major military operation in the Middle East and Central Asia. This is “Le Figaro” report which confirmed by several other news reports including the London Times on November 1, 2001: “Dubai was the backdrop of a secret meeting between Osama Bin Laden and the local C.I.A. agents in July 2001. A partner of the Administration of the American Hospital in Dubai claims that “public enemy number one” stayed at this hospital between the 4th and 14th of July 2001.

While he was hospitalized, Osama Bin Laden received visit from many members his family as well prominent Saudi’s and Emirates. During the hospital stay, the local C.I.A. agent, known to many in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was seen taking the main elevator of the hospital to go  (up) to Osama Bin Laden’s hospital room. A few days later, the C.I.A. man bragged to a few friends about having visited Osama Bin Laden. Authorized sources say that on July 15, 2001 the day after Osama Bin Laden returned to Quetta, Pakistan, the C.I.A. agent was called back to headquarters.


Dr. Terry Calloway

In the pursuit of its investigations, the F.B.I. discovered  ‘financing agreement’ that C.I.A. had been developing with its ‘Arab friends’ for years. The Dubai meetings is, so it would seem, within the logic of a certain American policy. During his 11-day stay in the American hospital, Osama Bin Laden received specialized medical treatment from a Canadian urologist Dr. Terry Calloway. At that time President Bush administration officials admit they  do not  know if  Osama Bin Laden is sick or even dead.”

9/11 Tragedy Was A Conspiracy.

There is a book written seriously by  Thierry Meyssan entitled “9/11 The Big Lie” published on October 2002 by Carnot Editions, U.K.  240 pages. The book claims 9/11 tragedy was a conspiracy rather than a terrorist attack. The controversial 2002 book  by French  Journalist and political activist Thierry Meyssan. The book argues that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were “false flag” operations directed right-wingers in the U.S. government and the military-industrial complex who sought a “cases belly” for military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. The book, reported to have sustained a number one best seller position in France for six of seven  weeks immediately after its launce, sold 164,400 copies in the first year, and a total of 300,000 up to date. It has since been translated into 28 language until 2006, attracting substantial international media attention. According to Meyssan, the action that provocative the collapse of the Twin Tower in the hearth of New York and damaged part of the Pentagon building had not been the result of attempts by foreign suicide pilots, rather an action organized by a group within the U.S. administration, an international complot aimed at driving opinion and forcing the course of events. “The war on Afghanistan was a response to the September 11 events, since it was prepared long before in coordination with the British government, President George W. Bush found support in evangelical group to launce a crusade against Islam, according to the strategy known as ‘Clash of  Civilizations’. The war on terror war a pretext to cut individual liberties in the United States and later in allied countries in order to impose a military regime.”  Thierry Meyssan stressed in his book: “OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS  A C.I.A. FABRICATION AND HE NEVER STOPPED WORKING FOR THE U.S. SECRET  SERVICE.

Thierry  Meyssan

The Bin Laden and the Bush families join manage their wealth by means of the ‘Carlyle Group’. The U.S. administration was taken over by some industrial group (weapons, oil, pharmaceuticals) whose interest be would defended by the government in detriment of others. The C.I.A. would develop a program of interference at all levels, which would include the resources of torture and political assassination.”  In July 2005, the U.S. State Department published document alleging Thierry Meyssan  and his Voltair Network to be “mayor sources of anti-American misinformation. The U.S. State Department has allegedly declared Thierry Meyssan a persona non grata in the United States. Since the September attacks,  a variety of conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 attacks have been put forward in websites, books, and films. Many groups and individuals advocating 9/11 conspiracy  theories identify as part of the 9/11 Truth Movement. The first elaborated theories appeared in Europe. They include a block published by Mattias Brocker, an Editor of the German newspaper “Die Tageszeitung” at the time.  The book “The C.I.A. and September 11” by former German State Minister, Andreas Von Bulow and the book “Operation 9/11” written by the German Journalist, Gerhard Wisnewski. All of them claim that September 11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were secretly orchestrated by elements within the United States government. One of the most prominent claims is that the collapse of the World Trade Center war was the result of a controlled demolition. Some 9/11 conspiracy theories contend that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective stand down of the military. The common alleged motives are the use of the attacks as a pretext to justify overseas wars, to facilitate increased military spending and to restrict domestic civil liberties.

Patriot Question 9/11 – Responsible

Criticism Of  The Commission Report.

Apparently the analysts who review the events of 9/11 attacks not only come from European Journalists, but recently many pop from professionals in the United States. The feel confident that the event was not conducted by Al-Qaeda terrorist organization  but by people within the United States for the interest of  their foreign policy.  Some conspiracy theorists question the official claim the World Trade Center did not collapse because of the crashing planes but was instead demolish with explosives.  The 9/11  Truth Movement is  the famous one who has been active both in the United States as well as in other countries. This organization was launched in  June 2004 and has become the central portal for all the 9/11 Truth Movement organizations.  It is run by Janice Mathews ( Executive Director ),  David Kubiah  ( International Campaign Advisor ) and Mike Berger ( Media Coordinator ), among others, and its advisory board includes Steven E. Jones, Barrie Zwicker and a Muslim, Faiz Khan. Another movement is “Scholars for 9/11 Truth &  Justice ( STJ ) who joined Patriots Question 9/11 .  S.T.J.  is  a group of scholars and supporters endeavoring to address the answered  questions of the September 11, 2001 attack with a focus on scientific research. The group is composed of more than 700 members, including Richard Gage, Steven E. Jones, Jim Hoffman, David Ray Griffin, Peter Phillips, former Congressman, Daniel Hamburg, and Kevin Ryan. Most members support the Conspiracy Theory that the World Trade Center Towers and the third Skyscraper,  WTC 7, were destroyed through explosive demolition.

Daniel  Hamburg.

According to patriotsquestions9/ the people who joined Patriots Question 9/11 and responsible criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report  are composed of:

1.   More than 400 Medical Professionals.

2.   More than 220 senior Military, Intelligence Service,  Law Enforcement, and Government Officials.

3.   More than 1,200 Engineers and Architects.

4.   More than 250    Pilots and Aviation Professionals.

5.   More than 400    Professors Question 9/11.

6.   More than 300    9/11 survivors and Family Members.

7.   More than 200    Artists, Entertainers,  and Media Professionals. The famous figures who expressed their opinion about the events of 9/11 attacks among others:

1. Dr. David Ray Griffin, 71-year old ( 2010 ) is an American retired Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology has  published a book entitled “Debunking 9/11 Debunking : An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defender of the Official Conspiracy Theory” published by Olive Branch 2007.  David Griffin’s analysis of the Kean-Zelikow bipartisan report of the events leading up to the hijackings of four aircraft on September 11, 2001, is “must real” for anyone concerned  with the subsequent history of the Bush Administration and the “War on Terror”.  All may not be as we initially were lead to believe: “That fundamental Muslims with the desire to bring down America,  plated  a massive terror event that culminated in the plan crashes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the fields of Pennsylvania.  This conventional wisdom, supported by the media reporting immediately following the catastrophe.”

2. Dr. Tom Tvedten, former Chief of Staff,  Chicot Memorial Hospital 1978 – 1995, founder of the 9/11  DVD Project: “I become convince that  the events  of  9/11 attacks was an inside job used as a false flag operation to justify wars in the Middle East over control of the natural resources in that region as well as the implementation of the striker controls on the people of this nation and the expansion of the “military industrial complex” and its control of our government.

3. Dr. Michael D. Knox,  Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Distinguished Professor of Aging Studies, university of South Florida: “The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 are increasingly used to justify systematic surveillance and the dismantling of constitutional rights.  Even European countries have helped to establish Guantanamo – like secret prisons, where torture in all probability take place. Iraq was attacked based on falsified evidence causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people, widespread  destruction, destabilization and contamination with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions.  Now plans to attack Islamic Republic of Iran  and the possibility of a new World War have made public,  meeting resistance even from moderate elements within military due to the unforeseeable consequence.”

4. Faiz Khan, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y.   He is a 9/11   first responder: “Who were the hijackers, given that at least six of the 19 suicide hijackers are still alive and had their identities stolen? Why did W.T.C.  building 7 collapse?  This happened long after the strikes,  and in a manner that suggested it was demolished.

5. Statement of Capt.  Gregory M. Zeighler,  PhD., U.S. Army:  “I knew from September 18, 2001, that the official story about 9/11 was false. That was when I realize that the perpetrators had made a colossal blunder in collapsing the South Tower first, rather than the North Tower,  which had been hit more directly and earlier. Other anomalies poured in rapidly: the hijackers names appearing in non of the published flight passenger lists, BBC London reports of stolen identities of the alleged hijackers or the alleged hijackers being found alive, the obvious demolitions of W.T.C. 1 and 2 ( each 1300 +  feed tall, 110 stories ) ,  W.T.C.  7  ( 570 feet tall, 47 stories, and not hit by an airplane )  the lack of identifiable Boing 757  wreckage at the Pentagon,  the impossibility of ordinary cell phone ( as opposed to air phone ) calls being made consistently from passengers aircraft at cruising attitude, etc.

6. Morgan Reynolds, PhD –Chief Economies,  U.S. Department of Labor under George W. Bush 2001 2002 video interview with Alex Jones 6/2/06 : “ I first began to suspect that 9/11 was in inside job when the Bush – Cheney Administration invaded Iraq. We can prove that government’s  story is false.”

7. Horst Ehmke, PhD. , Former Minister of Justice  ( West Germany ) 1966 – 1974: “Terrorist could not have carried out such an operation with four hijacked planes without the support of a secret service ( C.I.A. ).”

8. Gen. Hosni  Mubarak ,  President of Egypt  interviewed  by BBC London on 9/19/2001:  “I didn’t  believe Osama Bin Laden alone was responsible for the attacks on the U.S.  the U.S. 9/11. American experts also believe the operation is beyond Osama Bin Laden.”

9. Mohamed  Hassanein Heikal,  former Foreign Minister of Egypt: “I laugh because I know what is there. Osama Bin Laden has been under surveillance for years: every telephone call was monitored and Al-Qaeda has been penetrated by American  intelligence ( C.I.A. ), Pakistan intelligence  ( I.S.I. ) , Saudi intelligence,  Egyptian intelligence. They could not have kept secret  an operation that required such a degree of organization and sophistication.”

10. Hugo Chavez Frias,  President of Venezuela: “It’s plausible that the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 attacks. The hypothesis is not absurd that towers could have been dynamited. A building never collapses like that, unless its with an implosion. The hypothesis that is gaining strength ……is that it was the same U.S. imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist attack or act against its own people and against citizen of all over the world. Why? To justify the aggressions that immediately were unleashed  on Afghanistan, on Iraq.” Both President Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicholas Maduro  have referred  times in the park to suspicious that the 9/11 attacks were planned by the Bush administration, and have called for an inquiry.

11. Tun  Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia: “The buildings had collapsed in an orderly manner with such military precision that it all seemed well planned. I can believe that they ( the United States ) would kill 3,000 of their own to have an excuse to kill 650.000 Iraqis ( 2006 ).  These are the kind of people we are dealing with . Please don’t think this is fiction.”

12. Glen Starnish , Commercial airline pilot for American Airlines,  ATA, TWA, and continental. 15,000 + total hours flown. Aircraft flown. Boing 737, Mc Donnel Douglas MD-80. Co-founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth: “I most certainty and honestly believe, that sometime in the near future, it will become common knowledge that the events of 9/11 were an ‘inside job’ designed, engineered and committed by a very large and ‘in control’ rogue element within our United States federal government, use as a false cause, pretext, a lie, to invade two natural resource rich foreign countries, to further pursue and expand an empire, to change the borders of the Middle East countries, an as part of the war on terror, or more appropriately, the war on freedom, was used to frighten the American people so they would allow the infringement of their civil liberties and constitutional rights, to allow for closer monitoring and further oppression.”

13. William Rodriguez – W.T.C.  survivor An American Building Maintenance employee for twenty years, responsible for inspection and maintenance at the World Trade Center, who held the master key for the stairs: “I know there were explosive placed below the trade center. I helped a man to safety who is living proof, living proof the government story is a lie and a cover-up ——–I disagree 100%  with the government story. I met with the 9/11 Commission behind closed door and they essentially discounted everything I said regarding the use of explosives to bring down the month tower.”

14. Sharon Stone a Hollywood movie star,  Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning and Academy Award Nominated Actress, Producer, and Writer interviewed by Laha Magazine on February 2008: “ I have never believed the story of the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.  I do not think the wars launched  by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq were the inevitable result of the 9/11 incident. War is not the appropriate reaction to what happened on 9/11. That reaction was made under the influence of anger and hatred.”

15. Ali Mojahid, PhD, PE, SI over 20 years of experience as a structural and forensic engineer. His statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition: “Just another conspiracy against some groups of people for the U.S. administration to beat the war drums. How can a building just collapse onto itself without having controlled explosions inside the building?”

16.   Mark Basil, a Chemical Engineer: “I have independently seen  thermionic activity within two independent samples  of World Trade Center Dust. I would really like to stress that we need a lot more people involved in this work than just the few of us that are doing it right now. My work with this has brought me to feel that this material is too big of an unanswered question and it really brings us to demand a new investigation. This is hard evidence that can not be refused.  Anyone can replicate the work that’s been done and confirm that this material  is there.”   Mark Basile interviewed by 9/11 Truth org.  on October 27, 2010.  “9/11 Explosive Evidence :  Experts speak out”.  Explosive interview  :  Explosives found in World Trade Center Dust. In this interview, chemical Engineer Mark Basil  describes shocking findings. He and other scientist found unimaginative  residues of explosives in different samples of the World Trade Center Dust.  These dust samples come from New York City  individuals as well as a New York Museum which prefers to remain anonymous at this time.  We all remember the thick layer of dust that covered Lower Manhattan on that tragic day.  Scientists  have studied this  dust and Mark Basil is one of them.   Their finding are very important and clearly call for new  independent 9/11   investigation.

Kevin Bracken    and  Australian  P.M.   Julia  Gillard.

17.  Kevin Bracken,  the  Senior  Victorian Unionist ( Australia ) who claims that the 9/11 2001 World Trade Center collapse was not caused by terrorists,  called ABC Melbourne radio morning show host John Faine  again on October 21, 2010  to  demand a right  of reply.  His comments  attracted worldwide attention and earned rebuke from Prime Minister, Julia Gillard  and the Secretary of the Trades Hall Council.  Kevin Bracken’s initial call was in response to the Parliamentary debate on the Afghanistan war.  “What we should be doing is calling for a proper investigation into the events of 9/11,” says Kevin Bracken.  “ I believe that the official story  is a conspiracy  theory, that doesn’t  stand up to scientific scrutiny, “ he says.  His comments were brought up in Federal Parliament during Question Time where the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard calls Unionist’ stupid and wrong over 9/11 views,  Unionist demand right of reply.

18.  Fidel Castro, the Cuban Revolutionary Leader, former President of Cuba: “Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden is a  C.I.A.  agent who always peeped up when former President George W. Bush needed to scare the world, arguing this recently document prove it.  Comandante Castro told state media on Saturday August 29, 2010.  “Any time Bush would stir up fear and make a big speech, Osama  Bin Laden  would appear threatening people with a story about what he was going to do. Bush never lacked  for Osama Bin Laden’s support.  He was a  subordinate.”  During a visit with a Lithuanian Author, Daniel Estulin in Havana,  known as a font of intriguing conspiracy theories about plots for world domination, August 27, 2010,  Comandante Fidel Castro said he believes that Osama Bin Laden was working the White House, and that the tens of thousands of military documents recently published by WikiLeaks prove exactly who the Al-Qaeda  leader working for.  Daniel Estulin offered his own views on Osama Bin Laden that the man seen in videos since 9/11 is not him at all but a “bad  actor”.

19. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to   also depended his remarks at the U.N. on 9/24/2010 a day earlier in which he claimed most people in the world believe the United States was behind the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and again challenged the United Nations to set up a commission to probe the attacks. According to Associated Press 9/24/2010 in his one a  and a half hour session with reporters, President Ahmadinejad also lashed out at the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as an overreaction to the September 11 attacks. “The Americans should not occupy the entire Middle East bomb wedding parties annihilate an entire village just because one terrorists is hiding there.” President Ahmadinejad said a commission should investigate the September 11 attacks rather than have the entire world just accept what the U.S.  government tells them. “The-finding mission can shed light on who the perpetrators were, who is Al-Qaeda …………..where does it  exist?  Who was it backed  by and supported ? All these should come to light,” he said. According to  on October 14, 2010 in Beirut, Lebanon, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fuelled his claims that the U.S. government was behind the September 11 attack on America and demanded to the truth of what happened during his visit to Lebanon. Speaking at a late night rally, he said: “I announce that the formation of an independent and neutral team to examine the facts and discover the truth of the September 11 events is the demand of all peoples of the region and the  world.”

20. Colonel Muammar Al–Gadhafi,  Leader of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Leader of the World Islamic People’s Leadership, and King of African kings, interviewed by Larry King from C.N.N. on September 28, 2009. When asked about Osama Bin Laden and his involved in 9/11, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi speaks the truth of the hijacker being trained in U.S.A.  “The 9/11 terrorists were not from Afghanistan or Iraqi !”  Colonel Gadhafi said.

According to Aftermath News Independent Post – 9/11 News,  former MI-5 intelligence officer and leader of Britain’s 9/11 Truth Movement, Annie Machon 42-year old ( 2010 ) gave a fast-moving synopsis of her experiences in the British Security Service and as a whistleblower  exposing the involvement of the agency’s sister service MI-6 in the attempted assassination of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi.

Annie  Machon and  David Shayler.

Annie Machon is a former British Security Service ( MI-5 ) intelligence officer who left the service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time.  David Shayler was imprisoned for 6 months for revealing British Intelligence ‘s protection of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. David Shayler, who has evidence to prove MI-6 gave 100,000 to Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. “British intelligence paid large some of money to an Al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a domed attempt to assassin Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi in 1996 and thwarted early attempts to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice,” said David Shayler to  The Guardian. Ministers issue gag orders for MI-5 trial: They appear to be worried that he made further allegations about MI-5 and MI-6 knowledge of  a plot assassin the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi in 1996.  A book, “Bin Laden Forbidden Truth” published on November 2001 claims that British intelligence was in contact with Osama Bin Laden’s main allies’ who were opposed to Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi .  The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ( L.I.F.G. )  was paid to plant a bomb underneath Colonel Gadhafi’s motorcade. The attack happened in March 1996 in the coastal city of Sirte. The bomb was planted under the wrong car and failed to kill Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi but did result in the death’s of several innocent civilians. In November 1999 David Shayler sent a dossier of detailed evidence of this including the names of those involved to the Home Secretary, Jack Straw who state that he was “looking into the matter” as well as Parliament’s Intelligence and Security committee   and the police.

Jack  Straw.

Guillaume Dasquie  and  Jean-Charles Brisard.

In 2005, the L.I.F.G. was banned as a terrorist group in Britain. Due to the book “Bin Laden The Forbidden Truth”  by Brisard and Dasque, in 1994: “Bin Laden was accused by Libya of being behind the killing of two German intelligence agents Silvan Becker and his wife.  Becker was German intelligence’s top Arabist and his murder hampered Germany’s ability to monitor Islamist activity.  The 9/11 was planned, primarily, in Hamburg,” said Brisard in his book.

Bob Woodward: “C.I.A.  Hired

President Karzai Brother Before 9/11.”

Bob Woodward  - Barack  Obama - Ahmed W. Karzai. 

Bob Woodward  Senior Journalist “The Washington Post”,  on September 30, 2010 : “Ahmed Wali Karzai, the half brother of Afghanistan’s president and boss of the strategically important Kandahar province,  Afghanistan,  has been  on the C.I.A. payroll for over a decade.”  By  the fall of 2008, Woodward says,  “Ahmed Wali Karzai had been  on the C.I.A.  pat roll for years,  beginning before 9/11.  He had belonged to the C.I.A.’s   small network of paid agents and informants inside Afghanistan. In addition, the C.I.A. paid him money  through his half-brother the president.  But Woodward’s  account of  the  C.I.A.  is relationship with Karzai who has also been accused repeatedly –  but not charged with protecting the illicit opium trade, is more nuanced.  “Wali Karzai was not in any sense  a controlled agent who always responded to the United States and C.I.A. requests and pressure.  He was his others – the United States the drug dealers, the Taliban and even his brother if necessary,  Bob Woodward writes in his  new  book  “Obama’s War”.

Osama Bin Laden As  A Scapegoat.

Those who dare to speak either through the 9/11 Truth Movement or Patriot Question 9/11 and without hesitation issue opinions are those of healthy mind and not easily deceived by political elites are conspiring to spread slander against Muslims.  Zionist  Jewish clowns in Washington laughed uproariously when most Muslims feel proud and grateful for 9/11 attacks were the work of “Muslim fighters of Al-Qaeda”  led by Osama Bin Laden who was later considered as a “hero.” They do not realize that such allegations are an insult to Muslims, because Islam is a religion of peace. So it is not possible for those devout Muslims against their religion,  and killed about 3000 innocent people in W.T.C.  This cruel and barbaric act can only be done by people who do not believe in God.  This ignorance resulted in catastrophe for Muslims worldwide. What’s more barbaric act that are contrary to Islam, proudly recognized by the traitor Osama Bin Laden. Embarrassing !

Zionist Jewish  clowns  laughed uproariously.
The 9/11  “party”  was a success.

For the Writer argue that 9/11 attacks was the work of conspiracy of the C.I.A. ,  Mossad, the White House, the Pentagon,   the Israeli General Security Apparatus the Shabak, and the World Zionist Organization  (W.Z.O.)  who  utilize terrorist organization  “Al-Qaeda” led by Osama Bin Laden as a scapegoat and it is all controlled by the international Zionist-imperialism led by the United States.

Richard S.Gordon, President of the A.J.C. 

In the United  States there are  many Jewish organizations, including the most famous are the The World Jewish Congress,  its headquaters are in New York ,  U.S.A.  led by Ronald S. Lauder  and  American Jewish Congress  ( A.J.C. ) led by Richard S. Gordon  as a President.  A.J.C. National Headquarters ,  115 East 57 Street, Suite 11 New York , N.Y. 10022, U.S.A.

Ronald S.Lauder, Leader of the World Jewish Congress.

Remember ! There is a claim that  – 4000 Jewish working in the W.T.C. had called in sick or did not showed to work that  9/11 morning.

Yuval Diskin, Head of the Shabak    ( 2005 – ) and the Symbol.

With the announcement of the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli one, hurried to take advantage of the incident and  started mourning 4000 Israelis who work at the two towers. September 12, 2001 edition of the “Jerusalem Post” stated:“The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attacks.  Then suddenly, no one ever mentioned anything about those Israelis and later it became clear that they remarkably did not show up in their jobs the day the incident took place. No one talked about any Israeli being killed or wounded in the attacks.  This means the Jews knew and were pre warned about the accident that the W.T.C. was going to be hit -Why ???  This report came from Al-Manar Television in Beirut, Lebanon on September 17, 2001.

Steven Seagal and Gloria Estefan are my favorite stars. 

The Writer absolutely not anti-Semitic,  but anti-Zionist Jews. Moreover,  the Writer has many friends  in Europe,  Australia,  and the United States about 75%  are Jewish and they are good people.  The Writer is also a fan of Hollywood films and great admiration for the American movie stars who 80% are Jews like my idol action star,  Steven Seagal.  The Writer is a fan  of songs sung by an American Jewish Singer, Gloria Estefan who comes from Cuba.

Avraham Duvdevani, Chairman of the W.Z.O. 

Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the “Jordanian al-Watan” newspaper that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hint from the Israeli General Security Apparatus the Shabak, the fact  which evoked unannounced suspicions on American officials who wanted to know how the Israeli government learned about the incident before it occurred, and the reasons why it refrained from informing the U.S. authorities of the information it had.

From the beginning we have seen that Al-Qaeda to help fully the interest of the United States to get rid of the Communists regime pro-Soviet Union in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1980’s.  In this case Al-Qaeda won praise from Muslims around the world. Communist regime in Afghanistan collapsed and replaced with the Taliban regime led by Sheikh Mullah Mohammad Omar, who is supported by the United States. The Writer believes that Osama Bin Laden deliberately “kept” by the C.I.A. in Kabul, Afghanistan before the events of 9/11. While the Taliban and followers of the lower classes did not know about Osama Bin Laden’s relationship with C.I.A.  So do not be surprised if the followers of Al-Qaeda from the lower classes are subject to the command of their superiors to do the “bomb party” in Muslim countries, although the victims are Muslims. They are the people “lunatic” who believe that their actions were correct and guaranteed to enter heaven, so they do not realize that their actions in Islam are sins.

One of the victims of the Al-Qaeda suicide bomb attack. 

This later proved to militant Islamic organizations that had joined Al-Qaeda almost all resigned after they realized manipulated  by the United States to perform the brutal and cruel to kill their Muslim brothers, including L.I.F.G. (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) and the Taliban. The Taliban group is different with Al-Qaeda. The Taliban since the 1980’s until now only struggling for power to govern in Afghanistan and do not need to deploy its members to conduct “ a party of suicide bombing “ in Muslim countries as practiced by Al-Qaeda.  After President George W. Bush is no longer at the White House and Osama Bin Laden is dead, it seems that Al-Qaeda is now fragmented and their terror activities was not busy as before because of lack of funds.  The “party of suicide bombing” of Al-Qaeda is now diverted from Muslim countries in Southeast Asia to other Muslim countries such as Somalia  and  Yemen to create a civil war there, especially in Yemen the war between Muslim Sunni and  Muslim Shiah.

In his November 2002 “Letter to America”,  Osama Bin Laden described the United States’ support of Israel  as a motivation:  “The creation and continuation  of Israel  is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals. And of course there is no need to explain and prove the degree of American support for Israel. The creation of  Israel is a crime which must be erased. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted  in the contribution towards this crime must pay its price, and for it heavily.”  When Osama Bin Laden issued the words “heroic” as a Mujahideen, the majority of Muslims are stupid easy to believe in nonsense words and tales of  Osama Bin Laden.

The majority of Muslims are stupid easy to
believe in nonsense words and tales of
Osama Bin Laden. 

If his motivation because the United States supports Israel, why Al-Qaeda since the past until now have never had an attack or  “feast of suicide bombings” in Israel?  Israel is a country that most free from the threat of  “suicide bombing” by Al-Qaeda terrorist network and it is sure to be valid forever. Israelis do not feel safe just because they always face the threat  of  bombs from a true Muslim fighters such as HAMAS,  Hezbollah or the other of Palestinian Arab people’s  organizations. Not Al-Qaeda! The Palestinian Arab fighters such as HAMAS not only  have to deal with the Israeli army, but also have to deal with the terrorists of Al-Qaeda network.


HAMAS Leader,  Khaled Mashaal ( center ),  Ramadhan Shallah,  Head of   Islamic  Jihad   (right),  and Ahmad Jebril  ( left ), Secretary-General  of the Popular Front For the Liberation  of Palestine.

Who Are The Most Fortunate Of  The Events Of  9/11 ?

The main purpose of the United States creates the events of  9/11 is to obtain the reason and justified by the international community, especially by the people of the United States to invade Afghanistan and Iraq who had been long planned by Washington before the event.

First advantage:

When the United States government asked the Taliban government in Kabul, Afghanistan, to immediately hand over Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda leaders, but rejected by  the Taliban leader, Sheikh Mullah Mohammad Omar.  So the Taliban government’s decision is in the line with the scenario of  international Zionists in Washington who were highly expect it to happen.

Sheikh Mullah Mohammad Omar. 

On October 7, 2001 the United States, Britain, Canada and the countries that joined in the NATO invaded Afghanistan. In December 2001, after the Taliban government was topple and the new Afghan government under U.S. puppet  Hamid Karzai was formed, the International Security  Assistance Force ( I.S.A.F. ) was established by the United Nations Security Council to  help assist the Karzai administration and provide basic security to the Afghan people. Until now Afghanistan is still colonized by the international Zionist forces led by the United States,  including NATO. They will continue to colonize the country till an indefinite  period.  Today ( 2010 ), more than  22  NATO  nations deploy over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan  as a part of the I.S.A.F.

Afghanistan was invaded by the U.S.  forces on October 7, 2001.

Second advantage:When the United Nations Monitory Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMONIC)  has failed to find evidence that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction,  the U.S. Government excuses that make no sense to charge that President Saddam Hussein has been working with Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This is a charge created by the United States led by George W. Bush, who has long had a diabolical plan to invade Iraq and overthrow President Saddam Hussein. President George W. Bush has a sense of revenge and wanted to get rid of President Saddam Hussein  at the same time to please his father, George  Bush  Sr.  not for the interests of the people of the United States  or Iraqi  nation .   President Saddam Hussein repeatedly denied that he had absolutely nothing to do with Al-Qaeda.  President Saddam Hussein was distrustful of Al-Qaeda and viewed Islamic extremist as a threat to his regime, refusing all request from Al-Qaeda to provide material or operational support. But on March 20, 2003 although there is no the United Nations approval, Iraq was invaded by the U.S. forces backed by troops from N.A.T.O.  and the Kurds traitors ( non-Arab ) in Iraq. They use Kuwaiti territory as their base.

Photo: President Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.

Iraq was invaded by the U.S. forces backed by troops from N.A.T.O.  and he Kurds traitors.

The Iraqi government and military collapsed within three weeks of the beginning of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.  President Saddam Hussein disappeared,  but U.S. forces captured him on 13 December 2003 after finding him hiding in a small underground pit on a farm near the town of Tikrit.

Following the invasion, the United States established the coalition Provisional Authority to govern Iraq. Government authority was transferred to an Iraqi Interim Government in June 2004, and a permanent government was elected in October 2005.  Until now  ( 2010 ) the Iraqi government led  by President Jalal Talabani , a Muslim Sunni  from Kurdish tribe . He is the first president of Iraq non-Arab.  Nouri Kamel al-Maliki  as Prime Minister . He is an  Arab Iraqi and Muslim Shia.  The two Iraqi government leaders were Washington’s choice, not the Iraqi people’s choice The population of Iraq is about 32 million people. Based on information from the Encyclopedia Britannica  ( 2009 )  Muslim population consisted of 65 % of  Shia and  35 %  of the Sunnis. While Christians and Jews slightly only 3 % of the total population.  Residents of non-Arab Kurds who all embraced Sunni Islam, but they are a minority in Iraq. So it is not possible the people of Iraq will elect a president of the Kurdish tribes. Moreover,  they are not Arabs  and they are known as the betrayer of the Arab Iraqis. Washington chose Jalal Talabani as a President of Iraq is as a token of gratitude from the United States government to the Kurds in Iraq who are credited for the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein.

Jalal Talabani.

On November 5, 2006 President Saddam Hussein was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. President Saddam Hussein was tried by the court “slapstick”  created by Washington which consists of  various group of anti-Saddam Hussein. Court decisions that seemingly  have been regulated since President Saddam Hussein  before arrested, many strangely.

P.M. Nouri Kamel al-Maliki shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama in Baghdad  4.7.2009.

Imagine ! The international community know clearly that the crimes of President George W. Bush against the Muslim people of Iraq are more barbaric than what were all blamed on President Saddam Hussein. Why President George W. Bush can go around free of responsibility as perpetrators of crime against humanity in Iraq ? That is the performances of a state  champion “democracy” and “defender of Human Rights” which called the United States, where its leaders are as “world policemen” that can not be touched by any court.

The daughter of  Jamahiriya’s  leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  joined President Saddam Hussein’s defence team.  BBC News reported on July 3, 2004, that Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi had publicly defended President Saddam Hussein and berated Arab leaders who he accussed of co-operating with the United States.    Photo: Aisha Al-Gaddafi arrived in Baghdad to join a team of a lawyers from a number of countries.

President Saddam Hussein was tried  by the Court “slapstick” in Baghdad.

President Saddam Hussein’s original leader of the pride of the people of Iraq and most of the Arab World was hanged on the first day of Eid ul-Adha, December 30, 2006. The execution was carried out at Camp Justice, an Iraqi army base in Kadhimiya,  a neighborhood of northeast Baghdad, Iraq. The late Saddam Hussein was buried at his birthplace of Al-Awja in Tikrit, Iraq, 3 Km ( 2 ml ) from his son Uday and Qusay Hussein, on December 31, 2006. Photo: President Saddam Hussein was hanged on the first day of Eid ul-Adha,  12.30.2006.

Now President Saddam Hussein has gone, but his name engraved in the history of the Arab World as a martyr who dared to oppose the international Zionist-imperialism led by the United States . Libyan Arab Jamahiriya declared three days of mourning after Saddam’s death and canceled public celebrations around the Eid ul-Adha holiday. Flag on all government buildings in Jamahiriya flew at half-mast. On the eve of the hanging, the Leader of  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya said: “Saddam Hussein was a prisoner  of war who must be tried by Iraq’s invaders, the United States and Britain ,”  Reuters news agency reported on January 4, 2007.

Photo: In Baghdad the statue of President Saddam Hussein was destroyed, but the Jamahiriya has erected a new statue for Saddam Hussein in Tripoli.

According to the MEMRI Blog  on October 2010,  the Jamahiriya has erected a statue for Saddam Hussein in Tripoli and has recently asked the Secretary-General of the United Nations to place on the U.N. Agenda a Jamahiriya request for an international commission to investigate the invasion  of Iraq and the execution  of Saddam Hussein.  But the Secretary-General has turned down the Jamahiriya request and Iraq has publicly rebuked Jamahiriya for “interfering” in  Iraqi  internal affairs.

According to John J. Kruzel, American Forces  Press Service, March 10, 2010, about 98,000 U.S. military forces remain in Iraq.  The U.S. government said that the full withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq is mandated by  December  31, 2011.  But it is impossible because they are big liars and President Barack Obama will not dare to refuse the request of the generals at the Pentagon to increase again U.S. troops in Iraq.

John J. Kruzel

The third advantage:

The events of 9/11 attacks have created resentment among non-Muslims to all Muslims around the world especially in the United States, Europe and Australia. They consider all Arabs and Muslims are the defenders of  Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

Photo: Anti-Muslims protest in the United States.

The fourth advantage:

Al-Qaeda which is controlled by the C.I.A. not likely to have a “bomb party” in Israel. This is very suspicious and many invited questions from the Muslim community. But Washington’s silence when asked for this issue. Meanwhile, Afghan war veterans who used to be utilized by the United States to get rid of the Communist regime pro-Soviet Union in Kabul, were sent back to their respective home countries, but have been brainwashed to fight against the secular regimes in their respective countries.  All their names are listed  in the C.I.A. documents. They do not realize that Al-Qaeda leadership is controlled by the C.I.A.   Even these crazy people are willing to do the “party of suicide bombing” with the seduction will enter heaven as martyrs. Whereas in Islam suicide is major sin.    Al-Qaeda is more often held a “bomb party” in Asian countries, especially in Muslim countries.  So that those who become victims of the massacre were the majority Muslims. In this case  the objectives of C.I.A. are in order  that the government of Muslim countries will catch all the Afghan war veterans who are not useful anymore and  Muslim  group  leaders who are anti-Zionists and especially anti-United States by using the classic excuse “they involved Al-Qaeda.”  Even Washington would ask the local officials for the people who are arrested can be immediately sent to a special “Hell Jail” for the Muslim people in Guantanamo.

Photo: Abusing Muslim prisoners in “Hell Jail” Guantanamo.

Even crimes against humanity by the United States to Muslims has increased after the international Zionists succeeded in creating the events of 9/11. But absolutely no concern to the United Nations. So the United Nations Security Council is more accurately described as “the Council of Terror” as proposed by Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi because the U.N. Security council will act only against small countries. Meanwhile, against the big countries that commit a crime at all were never sanctioned. 

Colonel Gadhafi: “The U.N. Security Council is the Council of  Terror.”

The  Statements  Of   Mr.  William  Ramsey Clark.

Mr. William Ramsey Clark,  83-year old  ( 2010 ),  is an American lawyer  and former United States Attorney General. He worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, which included service as United States Attorney General from 1967 to 1969, under President Lyndon B. Johnson. Decades later, he was a defense attorney for Slobodan Milosevic and President Saddam Hussein. Mr. Ramsey Clark made a statement addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and published by the international mass-media on September 20,  2002 and January 29, 2004 are summarized as follows:

“George W. Bush in his ‘War On Terrorism’ has asserted his right to attack any country, organization, or people first, without warning in his sole discretion.  He and members of  his administration have proclaimed the old restraints that law sought to impose on aggression  by governments and repression by their people, no longer consistent with  national security.  Terrorism is such a danger, they say, that necessity compels the U.S. to first to destroy the potential for terrorist acts from abroad and to make arbitrary arrests, detentions, interrogations, controls and treatment of people abroad and within the U.S. Law has become the enemy of public safety. ‘Necessity is the argument of tyrants. Necessity never makes a good bargain.’   Heinrich Himler, who instructed the NAZI Gestapo  ‘shoot first, ask questions later, and I will protect you,’  is vindicated by George W. Bush.” 

Heinrich Himler  and  “The Modern Vampire” ,   George  W. Bush.

“President George W. Bush claim that Iraq is a threat justifying war is false. Eighty percent of Iraq’s military capacity was destroyed in 1991 according to the Pentagon. Ninety percent of materials and equipment required to manufacture weapons of mass destruction was destroyed by U.N. inspectors during more than eight years of inspections. Iraq  was powerful, compared to most of its neighbors, in 1990. Today  (2002) it is weak. The reason of George W. Bush attacks Iraq must be found elsewhere.  His motives may include to save a failing Presidency which has converted a healthy economy and treasury surplus into multi-trillion  Dollar losses, to fulfill  the dream  which will become a nightmare, of a new world order to serve special interests in the U.S., to settle a family grudge against Iraq, to weaken the Arab nation, one people at a time, to strike a Muslim nation to weaken Islam, to protect  Israel, or make its position more dominant in the region; to secure control of Iraq’s oil to enrich U.S. interest, further dominate oil in the region and control oil prices. Aggression against Iraq for any of these purposes is criminal and a violation of a great many international conventions laws including the General Assembly Resolutions on the Definition of Aggression of December 14, 1974.”

Photo:  Mr. William Ramsey Clark,  American lawyer  speaks to the March 20, 2010  anti-war protest in Washington DC.

The second  statement of Mr. William  Ramsey Clark  on January 29, 2004 among others:  “Until January 2004, at least 40,000 defenseless people in Iraq have been killed by U.S. violence since the latest aggression began in earnest in March 2003 stating with its celebrated, high tech, terrorist ‘Shock and Awe’ and continuing until now with 25, or more, U.S. raids daily causing the  Iraqi people went into mourning when their families died and injuries.   The danger of George W. Bush unilateralism is further revealed when he states: “Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  correctly judged that his country would be better off, and far more secure without weapons of mass murder. Nine months of intense negotiations involving the United States and Great Britain succeeded with Libya, while 12 years of diplomacy with Iraq did not!”  Forget diplomacy, use intense negotiations.  

Photo: The nuclear weapons and the nuclear  bomb explosion.

If President Bush believe it was “diplomacy”, which maintained genocidal sanctions against Iraq for twelve years that failed,  rather than an effort to crush Iraq to submission, then why did not he use “nine month”  of  intense negotiations to avoid a war   of aggression against Iraq?  He was President for nearly twenty seven months before the criminal assault on Iraq,  he apparently intended all along. Iraq was no threat to anyone. If Colonel Gadhafi “correctly” judged his country would be better off, and for more secure, without weapons of mass murder, why would the United States not be better off, and for more secure,  if it eliminated all its vast stores of nuclear weapons? Is not the greatest danger from nuclear proliferation today without question President Bush’s violations of the  N.P.T. ,  A.B.M. and Nuclear Test Band treaties by continuing programs for strategic nuclear weapons,  failing to negotiate in good faith to achieve “nuclear disarmament” after more than thirty years and development of a new generation of nuclear  weapons, small “tactical”  of  mass murder, which he would use in a minute ?  Has he not threatened to use existing strategic nuclear weapons ?  The failure of the “nuclear weapon State Party (s)” to the N.P.T.  to work in good faith to achieve nuclear disarmament there past 36 years is the reason the world is still confronted with the threat of nuclear war  and proliferation. President George W. Bush praises U.S. soldiers ………….skill and their courage in armored changes,  and midnight raids, which terrorized and kill innocent Iraqis, women,  children,  families, nearly everyday and average 180 attacks each week.

Photo: Everywhere in Iraq there are U.S. soldiers  in action.

Failure to condemn the massive U.S. war of aggression and illegal occupation of Iraq and any U.N.  act providing color able legitimacy to the U.S. occupation will open wide the gate to further,  greater  aggression.  The line must be drawn now !

According to WikiLeaks on October 22, 2010 the report detail of the war document and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st  December 2009,  109,032  deaths in Iraq,  comprised of 66,081  civilians, 23,984 “enemy”,   15,196 host nation ( Iraqi government forces ) and 3,777   “friendly” ( coalition forces ) .   The majority of the deaths  ( 66,000,  over 60% )  of these are civilian deaths.  That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period killed by U.S. troops.

Photo:  There are many Iraqi civilians have been killed by U.S. violence.

Photo:  1. To  use  dogs to intimidate prisoners  in Abu Ghraib,  Iraq.

The United Nations

Is Totally Unfair.

Not only Mr. William Ramsey Clark who is sharply criticized the U.N. for his silence that allowed the United States and N.A.T.O.  troops invaded, control, robbing Iraq’s natural wealth especially oil and the C.I.A have used cocaine field in Afghanistan to finance for operations of their political crimes around the world. The international Zionist terrorist forces led by the United States of oppressing  the people, raping Muslim women, and killing innocent people in both Muslim countries.  But there is no reaction whatsoever from the United Nations despite the international community including the people of the United States itself expressed their anger over their barbaric action.


Photo:  2. Iraqi Muslims were abused by American soldiers.

War of aggression by the United States in the last 26  years ( 2010), deadly enough for their victims, in Granada,  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Yemen with many others nations threatened, sanctioned, or attacked, some with U.N. complicity and all without effective United Nations resistance, made major deadly wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Photo:  3. The American soldiers were happy to watch their Iraqi prisoners abused in Abu Ghraib. Photo:

4.  An Iraqi prisoner is packed in a plastic bag.

Photo: 5. An  amoral  American woman soldier tortures Iraqi prisoners.

Photo:  Brigadier-General  Janis Karpinski,  who was responsible for military jails in Iraq meets with his boss  Donald Ramsfeld.

Photo: An Iraqi  Reporter,  Muntadar al-Zeidi  called  visiting U.S. President George W. Bush a “dog”  in Arabic on December 14, 2008  and threw his shoes at him during a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad, Iraq.

Meanwhile in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, charity led by Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi’s daughter,  Aisha Al-Gaddafi announced it would give Muntadar Al-Zaidi an award for bravery and urged the Iraqi government to free him. “What he  did   represents a victory for human rights across the world,” said the Chairman of Wa Attassimou organization, Madame Aisha Al-Gaddafi. Another comment from Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan said that the action showed how much the international community hates George W. Bush.

Photo: Madame Aisha Al-Gaddafi.

Initially,  Muntadar was sentenced to three years  in jail. But he had the term reduced to 12 months on appeal and was released three months early for good behaviour.  Shortly after his release from nine months in Baghdad  prison. On September 15, 2009, Muntadar told Journalists : “I am free again, but my homeland  is still a prison.” He went on to say he had suffered beatings, whippings, electric shocks and simulated drowning at the hands of officials and guards. After leaving prison, Mr. Zaidi when straight to al Baghdadiya, the TV station he was working for at the news conference where he threw the shoes.  Many Iraqi regards Muntadar al-Zaidi  as a national hero. He has reportedly received offers of money, jobs and even marriage from across the Arab World. His relatives say he offered a Golden horse by the Emir Qatar.

Photo: Protestors in U.S. against war.

The United Nations Dominated By

The  International  Zionist Conspiracy.

As noted  by former Prime Minister of Malaysia,  Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, that the world is now ruled by Zionist Jews. The United Nations is a clear example of a controlled and dominated by the international Zionist conspiracy led by the United States.  The Veto Rights are echoed by the United States to defend Israel  in the U.N. Security Council  incalculable.  Despite the victims attack Israel with Gaza, Lebanon and killed thousands of Palestinian Arab civilian, the United Nations can  not do anything against Israel because it is blocked by the veto of international Zionist countries led by the United States.

Photo: Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

The developing countries should unite to support the idea of Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi to immediately remove the Veto Rights and move the United Nations Headquarters from New York to a neutral country. The countries that joined the Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conference,  the African Union, A.S.E.A.N., and United of South American Countries, all united in a single row of states will come out of the United Nations and if the old U.N. can not be overhauled.

Photo: We must support the idea of  Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi to remove the  U.N. Veto Rights immediately.

Unfortunately the developing countries was never united.  In the history of the United Nations only the one who dared to state emphatically declared out of the United Nations membership, the country was Indonesia under the leadership of President Sukarno on 1st January 1965.  Even Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China have agreed to establish a new U.N. under the name CONEFO ( The Conference of the New  Emerging Forces ).  The idea of President Sukarno was supported by many countries, especially the Third World countries including the Arab World.  Unfortunately President Sukarno was betrayed by his subordinates,  so that his government eliminated in 1966.

Photo: President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Sukarno on the 1st January 1965.

The I.C.C.  Issued An Arrest Warrant For

President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

On July 14, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court ( I .C. C. ),  Luis Moreno  Ocampo , a Jew  descendant,  alleged that  President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir bore individual criminal responsibility for genocide,  crimes against humanity and war crimes committed since 2003 in Dharfur.  The arrest warrant is supported by N.A.T.O., the Genocide Intervention Network, and Amnesty International.  Here we see that the spirit of I.C.C. to arrest and prosecute the Muslim leaders with  a variety of false allegations that were created by the Zionist,  if their politics are not in line with the West.

Photo: Luis Moreno Ocampo, the Chief  of  I.C.C.

The I.C.C. controlled by the international Zionist- imperialism led by the United States,  issued an arrest warrant  for President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir  on March 4, 2009 by a Pre – Trial chamber composed of judges Akua Kuenyehia of Ghana,  Anita Usacka of Latvia,  and Sylvia Stainer of Brazil  indicting  him on five counts of crimes against humanity as murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture and rape and two counts of war crimes pill aging and internationally directing attacks  civilians.  All  these allegations of the I.C.C. are lie.  Their accusation is nothing but to get rid of President Omar Al-Bashir  and replace him  with a new president who can be arranged by the West.

Photo: President Omar Al-Bashir  is loved by his people.

Israel  is actively aiding the rebels in Darfur with supply of weapons via Ethiopia. After the Christian rebels in Southern Sudan peace with the central government in Khartoum, now appears rebellion in the Western Sudanese region Darfur  which most populous Muslim people. The pro-government Muslim tribes in Darfur calling for Jihad against the Sudan Liberation Movement ( S.L.M. ) led by Abdul Wahid Al-Nur  who is supported by Israel. Since 2008 S.L.M.  has opened an office in Israel. The S.L.M. leader,  Abdul Wahid Al-Nur since 2007, hiding in Paris, France, and Wahid frequently visited Israel.  The Israeli Zionists  and the West wanted to control the oil in Darfur through the traitors in the country of Sudan. Leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  said: “The Western countries and America are not busying themselves out of sympathy for the Sudanese people or for Africa. But for oil.”

All this time I.C.C. pretended not to know, and did not want to count how many civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq were killed everyday by terrorist troops created by President George W. Bush and U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld ? How many prisoners who were arrested and tortured in special prisons for Muslims in Abu Ghraib ( Iraq ) and Guantanamo ?  How many Muslim women who were raped  by terrorist forces of the United States and N.A.T.O. ?   Whether the Muslims are not human, so they do not have the right to get justice ?   If such questions put to the I.C.C., of course,  they would answer : “It never happened.”  If   I.C.C.  was created to uphold justice, then that must first be arrested and brought to trial is the third American pioneers of terrorism namely George W. Bush,  Donald Rumsfeld,  and former Vice-President,  Richard Bruce Dick Cheney …………………not President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir  to be  arrested.

First,……. these three American pioneers are invaded in the conspiracy to the events of 9/11. As a result of the attack around 3000 innocent Americans died roasted in doors W.T.C., not mention those who were injured and disable. If everything is correct, means the three pioneers of “War On Terrorism” has been killing their own people. Keep in mind, that as many as 4000 people working at the W.T.C. from ethnic among Jewish and Israeli citizen survived the catastrophe because of reasonably “sick” and did not came to work on 9.11 2001.  This is strong evidence that The World Zionist Organization, The Jewish Agency for the U.S., and The Israeli General Security Apparatus the Shabak  involved in this conspiracy.

Second,…..these three men involved in creating political lies “War On Terrorism”  which utilize terrorist organization  “Al-Qaeda” to destroy Islam from within, to divide Muslims, creating fear among Muslims and non-Muslims.  The United States set the governments in Muslim countries,  especially their intelligence service for arresting all the people who are anti-United States charged with the classic “they involved  Al-Qaeda”.

Third……..these tree pioneers who  created  “War On Terrorism”  should  be  responsible for the atrocities of the United States and N.A.T.O. forces on civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their troops more cruel than the Soviet Union’s Communist army who had invaded Afghanistan.  We can not blame the People’s Revolutionary Leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias  who has given a nickname to George W. Bush as a drunk and   the devil incarnate who acts  arbitrarily as if the world belong to him.

Propaganda anti-Sudanese government under the leadership of Omar al-Bashir, constantly echoed by the Western press. Even a Hollywood film company in November 2009 has launched a film entitled “Darfur” directed by Uwe Boll and Zen HQ Films Production.  In this film shown false tales about the crime of the Arab tribes of Northern Sudan who were white slaughtering the black Muslim people in Darfur.  The mission of this film is to create hatred of black people across Africa against the Arabs, including Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi. They are expected to serial the nomination of Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  in the election of President of the African Union for the years 2010 – 2011.  Why the Hollywood film producers are not interested to make movies about the barbarism of the United States and NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan ?  The answer is simple: “All mass-media owners in the West and Hollywood movie producers are Jewish. They are in the hands of an international Zionist Conspiracy to create the public opinions all over the world are in line with their politics.”  It seems that idea  of  “War On Terrorism” will continue without end  and even through  residents of the White House turns.  The Al-Qaeda  organization will be maintained as an important asset and can be used as scapegoats for the Unites States to attack countries that are contrary  to Washington’s political.  United States often prides itself  as the state champion of democracy and Human Rights defenders. But it does not deserve to have a  president like George W. Bush  or Richard Bruce Dick Cheney,  because  all of them have been against democracy and violate human rights.  Even the questionable leadership of President Barack Obama  because he is not able to stop the war and withdraw all U.S.  troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bush’s Former Oil Company

Linked To Bin Laden Family.

American Freedom News.Com October 3, 2001 reported that President George W. Bush signed an executive order to freeze the U.S. financial assets of corporations doing business with Osama Bin Laden. He described the order as a strike on the financial foundation of the global terror network. “If you do business with terrorists, if you support or succor then, you will not do business with the United States,” said President George Bush. He  didn’t  say anything about doing business with a terrorist’s brother – or his wealthy financier. When President George W. Bush froze assets connected to Osama Bin Laden, he didn’t tell the American people the terrorist mastermind’s late brother was an investor in the president’s former oil business in Texas. Doing business with the U.S. enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitler’s  Third Reich.  Several business operation manage by Prescott Bush the President George W. Bush’s grandfather – were sized by the U.S. government during World War II under the Trading With Enemy Act. On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a Director. Bush E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates and three Nazi executives owned the bank’s and three Nazi executives owned the bank’s shares. Doing business with the Bin Laden empire, therefore, is only the latest extension  of the Bush family’s financial ties to unsavory individuals and organizations. Now that thousands of American citizen have died in terrorist attacks and the nation is going to war, the American people should know about George W. Bush’s relationship with the family of Osama Bin Laden. Since U.S. government accused Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda who attacked  America on September 11, 2001, the federal government has moved quickly to freeze bank accounts connected to Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Bin Mahfouz and  a host of Islamic charities. Perhaps federal agents should freeze the financial assets of the Bush family too. It would not be the first time Bush family assets were seized by the U.S. government for trading with the enemy.

A Relationship Between

Osama Bin Laden And C.I.A.

Where  was Osama Bin Laden on September 11, 2001 ? President George W. Bush administration knew the where about of Osama Bin Laden. According to Dan Rather from CBS,  Osama Bin Laden was back in Hospital, one day before the September 11, 2001 attacks, on September 10, 2001 this time, courtesy of America’s indefectible ally Pakistan. Pakistan’s military Intelligence (ISI) told CBS that Osama Bin Laden had received dialysis treatment in Rawalpindi, at Pakistan Army’s headquaters.  President George W. Bush and C.I.A. of course, knew where is “the enemy number one” Osama Bin Laden  holed up.  President Saddam Hussein only a few months can be captured by the U.S. troops but Osama Bin Laden until today (2009) is very difficult being captured. Why???…………… When President George W. Bush falls from the political stage, Al-Qaeda No. 2 leader uses racial epithet against Barack Hussein Obama in November 20, 2008 in a video, Ayman Zawahiri says the president elect is the direct opposite of honorable black American’s and says Obama,  Collin Powel and Condoleeza  Rice are “house of Negroes”. There is something oddity of Al-Qaeda attitudes and suspicious. In the time of general election for American president in 2008,  a thinly-sourced “Washington Post Article” suggests that Al-Qaeda wants John Mc Cain in the White House. This prompted an outburst of rage from the Mc Cain campaign which pointed out some obvious holes in the story, not least the fact that much of it based on a single web posting on the extremist site Al-Hesbah state: “Al-Qaeda will have to support John Mc Cain in the coming election.”  John Mc Cain is known as a fanatic Jewish and he is a devoted supporter for Israel. John Mc Cain is the same with George W. Bush, they are starved for war especially in the Muslim countries as Iraq and Afghanistan.  But why and what is the motive of Al-Qaeda supported John Mc Cain ? Only Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, C.I.A., Mossad and the invisible government in Washington who can answer this question. There is another proof that the relationship  between Al-Qaeda and C.I.A. is still underway. For this time their victim is Islamic Republic of Iran. “The C.I.A. is giving arms length support, supplying money and weapons, to an Iranian militant group, Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Islamic Republic of Iran  bases in Pakistan,” the London Telegraph reported May 27, 2007.  “Jundullah is a Sunni Al-Qaeda off shoot organization that was formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Even if you believe the official story of 9/11 to the letter, the fact that President George W. Bush has personally authorized U.S. support for this group completely dismantles the façade of the war on terror,” the London Telegraph said.

Is Osama Bin Laden Dead Or  Still Alive?

“Osama Bin Laden is dead.” Of course we don’t have a  proof. Also there is no proof for his continuing existence. Just look at the videos or DVD that appear from time to time, including when he delivered his address on September 16, 2009 through TV Al Jazeera he always look younger, never his age. All the videos of Osama Bin Laden’s statements can be created by modern technology. It is not evident that he is still alive.  Osama Bin Laden had serious health problems living in the deserted out-backs  of  Afghanistan with no medical help. No one will report his death because it is better to keep the myth alive of a strong terrorist leader, and to continue the hunt. If Osama Bin Laden is killed or found dead then there will be a turn around in the war and less billions of dollars spent and lives lost to hunt him down. However, Al-Qaeda is a terrorist hand of criminals that don’t need Osama Bin Laden anymore. Al-Qaeda has a life of its own now, the seeds of propaganda and destruction have been passed  on to criminals who are not only just hate the West, but also the Muslims who believed as their enemies and are paid to kill. Osama Bin Laden has laid the foundation of terror and Al-Qaeda will carry on the treats, this is the real situation now. The war on terror now is no longer Osama Bin Laden. Forget the video-tapes they are only fakes, but good propaganda to keep the war alive. The war now is to track down the supporters and the foot soldiers that are paid to kill and cause destruction at mass scale. It is difficult but winnable. Let us focus on Al-Qaeda not Osama Bin Laden who is “dead”.  If he is not dead let him appear in public and prove it.

Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group ( LIFG ).

LIFG or Al-Jama’a al-Islamyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya, is the most powerful radical faction waging “jihad” against Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi.  LIFG was founded in 1995 by Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan.  LIFG maintains a presence in Asia, Africa and Europe, primarily  in the United Kingdom. Its ideological alliance with Al-Qaeda and other brutal terrorist organizations. LIFG claimed responsibility for a failed assassination attempt against ColonelMuammar Al-Gadhafi  in February 1996.   Ayman Al-Zawahiri the second leader after Osama Bin Laden claims that Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has joined Al-Qaeda. Headed by Anas Sebay, a key Al-Qaeda leader, the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group (LIFG) includes about 2,500 “Libyan Afghans” who fought in the 1979 – 1989 Soviet War in Afghanistan and then returned home to ignite an “Islamic” rebellion. All “Islamist” terrorist groups,  including the LIFG are believed beside to have links with  Al-Qaeda also with neighboring Islamic extremist  groups in Egypt and Algeria. “This has led the LIFG to be recognized as a key component in the global network of militant “Islamic” groups,” the CSIS reported to  The Daily Telegraph, December 24, 2003. David Shayler, a former officer in the  U.K. ’s  MI5  claims that Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  was the target of a UK intelligence assassination plot in February 1996 using the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group, a jihad network with links to Al-Qaeda.  British intelligence paid large sums of money to an Al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a doomed attempt to assassinate Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi. “The observer”, December 25, 2003 had been restrained from printing details of the trial of David Shayer, who was on December 18, 2003 sentenced to six months in prison for disclosing documents obtained during his time as an MI5 officer. David Shayler is a British Journalist, former MI5 (Security Service) officer and self-proclaimed Messiah. Shayler earned notoriety after being prosecuted under the Official Secret documents to the “Mail on Sunday” in August 1997 the alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialist, and that it had previously investigated Labor Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. David Shayler was not allowed to argue that he made the revelations in the public interest. During his closing speech on that time, David Shayler repeated claims that he was gagged from talking about “a crime so heinous” that he had no chose but to go to the press with his story. The crime was the alleged MI5 involvement in the plot to assassinate Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi, hatched in late 1995.  The assassination attempt on Colonel Gadhafi was planned for early 1996 in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte. It is thought that an operation by the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group (LIFG) in the city was foiled in March 1996 and the gun battle that followed several militant’s were killed. In 1998, the Libyans released TV footage of a 1996 grenade attack on Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi that they claimed had been carried out by a British agent. It was strong evidence that the Western intelligence using “the resistance fighters” Al-Qaeda network  or what they called the terrorists or their “enemies number one” to overthrow the leaders who have opposite views. It is contradiction between their words and their actions. They have told the people all over the world a lie. After Jamahiriya made a decision to give up its effort to acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMD), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair praised Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi’s recent act, and stated that he hoped Libya could now be a strong ally in the international war on terrorism. “I was particularly struck at our earlier meeting with Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi by his insistence met only of Libya’s determination to carry on down this path of cooperation but also his recognition that Libya’s own future is best secured by a new relationship with the outside world and a recognition also of a common cause with us in the fight against Al-Qaeda, extremism  and terrorism which threatens not just the Western world but the Arab World also,” Prime Minister Tony Blair said, reported by Scottish news on March 25, 2004.

There Is No Assistance Anymore

From The West Countries To L. I. F. G.

One of the causes of the crackdown was the return to Jamahiriya of Libyan citizens from Afghanistan. Some of them return home with hopes of overthrowing Colonel  Muammar Al-Gadhafi and installing a government based on “Sharia” (Islamic law) but according to their way as ex-government of Taliban in Afghanistan oppressed the women and returned to the time of “Jahiliah” (foolishness). They are terrible and gave all Muslims a bad name. In exchange for the compromise between the Jamahiriya and the West, there is no assistance anymore from the United Kingdom and the United States to the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group  ( L. I. F. G. ) and their allies in North Africa. On October 10, 2005 the United Kingdom’s Home Office banned L. I. F. G.  and fourteen other militant groups from operating in the United Kingdom. Under the United Kingdom’s Terrorism Act 2000, being a member of a LIFG is punished by a 10-year prison term. The Financial Sanctions Unit of the Bank of England acting on behalf of H.M. Treasury issued the orders to freeze all their assets. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2009, there are a number of political groups opposed to Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi: “National Conference of the Libyan opposition”, “National Front for the Salvation of Libya”, and “Committee for Libyan National Action in Europe”. They feel threatened wherever they are and maybe their political  group will be dispersed by themselves.  On February 7, 2006 the United Nations embargoed five specific LIFG members and four corporations, all of whom had continued to operated in England until  October 2005. According to Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as “horrific” and gruesome. In the article written by Ronald Bruce St. John entitled “A New U.S. Relationship with Libya?” carried by Foreign Policy In Focus, March 27, 2009, “the Jamahiriya has taken steps to improve U.S. – Libyan counterterrorism cooperation and intelligence sharing since 2001. The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has long  perceived Al-Qaeda as a threat because members of Libya’s Islamist opposition have been linked to Al-Qaeda and other foreign jihadist organization. This contributed to Libya’s willingness to expand counterterrorism cooperation with U.S. authorities.” Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi has characterized member of Al-Qaeda as “heretics” in prominent public statements and has described the Jamahiriya’s intelligence and counterterrorism cooperation with the United States as “irrevocable”. U.S. Department of State’s most recent “Country Report on Terrorism” for Libya, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has continued to cooperate closely with the U.S. and the international community on counterterrorism initiatives against the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ( L. I. F. G. ) and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM, formerly known as the Salafist Group for call and combat, or G. S. P. C.   The U.S. official reportedly hope to extend counter-terrorism assistance to Libya in the future, possibly under the framework of the inter-agency Trans-Sahara Counter Terrorism Initiative  ( T. S. C. T. I. ), which involves all of Libya’s  neighbors, except Sudan and Egypt. In December 2004 the U.S. State Department placed the L. I. F. G.  on its list of terrorist groups. The State Department later elevated the LIFG to an Al-Qaeda affiliate. In return, officials of Jamahiriya have provided the United States and other countries with valuable intelligence about Libyans who had fought in Afghanistan and then followed Osama Bin Laden to Sudan. The chief of Jamahiriya’s External Security Agency, Mr. Musa Kusa, reportedly provided a list of Libyans who had trained with Al-Qaeda. In 2005,  the  C.I.A.  reportedly agreed to offer counter-terrorism training to Libyan security personnel. The United States also has reportedly delivered into Libyan custody some anti Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi Libyan had captured in its global campaign against terrorism, as well as allow Libyan agents to interrogate Libyans held at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri Speaks At Random:

“Colonel Gadhafi Is Enemy Of  Islam”.

Al–Qaeda’s No.2 Ayman al-Zawahiri harshly criticized Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  in a new audio tape on November 3, 2007, accusing him of being an “enemy of Islam” and threatening a wake of attacks against the North African country because it improved relations with the United States. In the 28-minute audiotape called “Unity of the Ranks”, Ayman al-Zawahiri also announced that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group was joining rank with Al-Qaeda. In the audio recording, Ayman al-Zawahiri also calls on followers to defeat other North African leaders including Tunisian President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, Moroccan King Mohammed VI and Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflica as well as Colonel Gadhafi, reported by Fox News.Com on November 3, 2007. A Canadian Security Intelligence Service report shows that Al-Qaeda backed militants in Libya want to assassinate Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi, providing a possible explanation for the Jamahiriya recent attempts to improve relations with the West. This idea came from crazy people who used “Islam” as a label, while Al-Qaeda’s had the same operation with the West before against Jamahiriya.. They are “munafik” (hypocrite). Why Al-Qaeda and their plot did not fight against Israel? They are coward and without doubt, their leaders are international Zionists plot. Another strong evidence that Al-Qaeda group to weaken the Palestinian fighters against Israel. On Friday August 14, 2009 “Islamic” radicals from an Al-Qaeda inspired group battle HAMAS security in the Gaza Strip. The fighting began when HAMAS forces surrounded a mosque in the Southern Gaza town of Rafah where about 100 members of “Jund Ansar Allah” or “the Soldiers of the Companion of God”, were holed up, including some armed with suicide belt, according to residents of the area. The head of the Al-Qaeda inspired group in the Gaza Strip, Abdel Latif Moussa, was killed when fighting resume after dawn Saturday 15th August 2009, Ihab Ghussein, a HAMAS Interior Ministry spokesman, told The Associated Press. Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said a total of 24 people, including six HAMAS police officers and 11-year-old girl, where killed in the violence that also wounded 150. HAMAS also confirmed the death in the fighting one of its high level commanders, Abu Jibril, whom Israel said orchestrated the capture three years ago of Sgt. Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier who is still being held by HAMAS. The confrontation was triggered when the leader of the Al-Qaeda group defied Gaza’s HAMAS rulers by declaring in a Friday prayer sermon August 14, 2009, that the territory was an “Islamic emirate”. Radical splinter groups such as “Jund Ansar Allah” call for a global jihad against the entire Western world, while HAMAS the true Islamic fighters maintains its struggle is only against the Israeli occupation. Until today HAMAS is free of Al-Qaeda influence. Of course, the Jew clowns in Israel and Washington broke up when they heard that “good news”.

Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi :

“Give Osama Bin Laden A Chance”.

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi has advised President Barack Obama to give Osama Bin Laden a chance to reform, telling the new president, America’s most wanted man was looking for “dialogue”.  Colonel Gadhafi hailed what he called “positive-signal” so far from the new Barack Obama administration, including plans to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Speaking to students at Georgetown University via a satellite link-up from Libya, Colonel Gadhafi said Washington must review its approach to Osama Bin Laden, who is blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks and tops the U.S. Most Wanted List. “Terrorism is dwarf not a giant. Osama Bin Laden is a person who can be given a chance to reform”, Colonel Gadhafi said through an interpreter. “Maybe we can have a dialogue with him and find out the reason that led him in this direction,” he added.  “Moreover,  he said the Taliban, which the United States  helped oust in Afghanistan, was not as it has been portrayed and Washington should review its views on that group too,” reported by ABC News, January 22, 2009. It seems that is a diplomatic comments from Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi. He actually hinted President Barack Obama because Colonel Gadhafi knew that only the United States which would be able to make solution with Al-Qaeda, especially with their leaders. Many reasons for C.I.A. to keep out of the public eye, why there is no a serious attempt from the U.S.  to capture the Al-Qaeda top-leaders such as Ayman al Zawahiri or Osama Bin Laden  and the others. Even if Osama Bin Laden is still alive or dead, C.I.A. to keep quiet about it. The real U.S. enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan are the Taliban groups. Therefore, their air-forces pounded suspected the Taliban positions and do not care about the civil population who would be victims of their target. Meanwhile, it seems the U.S. attitude toward Al-Qaeda more focused on the Al-Qaeda’s members who believe in their Islam fighting but uncontrollable. They were captured or killed because they are not of benefit anymore to the Washington and to put the international Zionists in danger. But how about Ayman al-Zawahiri or Osama Bin Laden if he is still alive and the other Al-Qaeda leaders who control the strategy of their network? Of course, this is the U.S. double standard in “The War On Terrorism”. The Washington regime have to consider a lot of things to capture or kill the Al-Qaeda top-leaders. Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi said in an interview with American television on August 3, 2003,  that the United States  made Osama Bin Laden a saint and prophet, and that fugitive Al-Qaeda leader “has become a symbol for depending the Islamic World”.  Colonel Gadhafi said , “in Southern Africa, there are pictures of Osama Bin Laden everywhere.”  And  he has seen children wearing T-shirts with pictures of Osama Bin Laden.  “We say Osama Bin Laden is a criminal. We say Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist. But they say, Osama Bin Laden, may God protect and save him. They are not Muslims,” Colonel Gadhafi added.  Colonel Gadhafi said Jamahiriya was doing its part to fight terrorism. “Terrorism is a common enemy,” he said to Andrea Kappel from CNN, adding that Jamahiriya had arrested terrorists who had traveled to Libya from Afghanistan seeking medical care. But he had added, it is not clear whether the United States can defeat Al-Qaeda, which he likened to a cancer that has a chance to grow. It was detected late – or at late stages. That is why it is dangerous. Only at a later stage, you find out that you are affected,“ Colonel Gadhafi said. Until October 2009 there are already 62,000 U.S. troops and even larger number of quasi-military contractors – in that war-torn country. U.S. military officials are endorsing an assessment by NATO’s commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley Mc Chrystal  that says the mission in the war-torn country will fail without an increase in troops and resources. But the truth is that these troops are sent to Afghanistan to kill more innocent Muslims children and women who never been on a European or American soil or even know where they are located. The war in Afghanistan is become uglier by the day and war crimes against poor Muslims are committed everywhere in Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan had been brought under “military occupation in the name of fighting against terrorism,” charging that, as a result, “illicit drugs (production) has multiplied,” and thousands of innocent people have been killed. Gen. Stanley Mc Chrystal is expected to submit a detailed request for more troops. A request that will reportedly ask for 40,000 more troops, U.S President Barack Obama has already ordered 21,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan in 2009. If the Washington wants to make a solution seriously, it is better for President Barack Obama gives American forces in Afghanistan a single, clearly states mission: “Get Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden if he is still alive and his top-aids then come home”.

Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group Back Away

From Al-Qaeda Merger In Reconciliation With

The Great Jamahiriya.

On January 20, 2009 President of the United States, George W. Bush descended from political stage and Barack Hussein Obama had been elected as his successor. President Barack Obama had a difference of policy with a new label “U.S. is not enemy of Muslim.” The new policy suggests that the old label “Terrorism and a crusade against Islam”  launched by President George W. Bush on September 2001, failed and ended in disaster. Such a new policy had caused a weaken rift in the circle of Al-Qaeda and its network all over the world. Their terror activities outside of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are on the decline because their fund feel to its lowest point. The real Islamic fighters of  Al-Qaeda until today never ordered by their leaders to launce on attack against Israel.  Most of them are young men, poor education, a little knowledge of Islam but “fanatic”, come from the village of Muslim countries and destitute family. The fighters have realized that they are only pawns of C.I.A. and now they must be ready killed  by the U.S. troops, but their top leaders are usually safe from attack except they do not needed anymore. This realization begun by the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group ( L. I. F. G. ) completely severed their relation with Al-Qaeda organization and joined forces with The Great Jamahiriya. On July 10, 2009 The Telegraph reported that senior Al-Qaeda members Abu Yahya al-Libi and Abu Laith al Libi were LIFG members. Abu Laith al-Libi has been a trusted helpmate Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, but he was reported kill in February 2008 by U.S. troops  attack on a tribal region in west Pakistan which borders Afghanistan. It has more than two years since talks started between the Jamahiriya authorities and the imprisoned leaders of the Libyan “Islamic” Fighting Group (LIFG). As both sides acknowledge past mistakes, there are finally signs that the longtime antagonist may be getting closer to reconciliation, a process that will rely in past on the L.I.F.G ’s  renunciation of its merger with Al-Qaeda  Dr. Ali Sallabi, a Qatar-based Libyan Islamist and the main mediator between the imprisoned L.I.F.G. leaders and the authorities,  has been quoted as saying the talks “are very encouraging” after meeting the six Shura Council members of the L. I. F. G.  in their Tripoli prison (“Dar al-Hayat”, June 15, 2009).  The six leaders have for some time been allowed by the Security Services to meet freely with the rest of the Islamists  in prison so they could consult with them regarding a review of L.I.F.G.  policies and principles. This positive news coincided with the announcement by another former leader of the L.I.F.G. outside Libya that he now supports peace talks with the Jamahiriya. Abdullah Mansour, who was described in his 2008 terrorist designation by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as “One of the most important L.I.F.G. members working on LIFG finances in the United Kingdom, where the greatest amount of funding for the LIFG originated,” has written a letter published by Dar al-Hayat in which he commented publicly for the first time on the reconciliation talks.  The Jamahiriya itself is changing,  according to Abdullah Mansour, with Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  saying publicly that mistakes have been made. “So, if Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi  is changing, why not L.I.F.G. ?”  Mansour says to the members and leaders of the L.I.F.G. , inside and outside Libya, that they should not shy away from correcting their mistakes too: : “Revision is a religious  need, whether the L.I.F.G.  stay in prison or are set free. Changing policies and aims does not mean a retreat from the religion itself.” L.I.F.G. servers ties with Al-Qaeda over “indiscriminate violence”. What may be seen as a severe blow to Al-Qaeda, one of its ally, the L.I.F.G. has decided to severe its ties with Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri saying that the “Indiscriminate bombing” and the “the targeting of civilians” was not in accordance to its objectives. This serving of L.I.F.G.  from Al-Qaeda would benefit is supporters in the West in particular, who are being squeezed by security services that fear the L.I.F.G.  leaders are part of an Al-Qaeda sleeper network. The Jamahiriya itself and Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi would also benefit from this L.I.F.G. ‘s decision, which would send a clear warning to youth who may be thinking of joining Al-Qaeda’s jihad. Since the year 2006, the Great Jamahiriya has initiated some important reforms, such as the release of some political prisoners, improved prison conditions, and expanded human rights training for police. According to AFP March 12, 2009 The Great Jamahiriya has freed 136 members of L.I.F.G. In the last two years, Gadhafi Foundation led by the son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi, Eng. Saif al-Islam Al-Gadhafi has released 136 members of the group. On April 2008 The Foundation announced the exemption of members of the group in the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli and will be forwarded to free another group of 170 remaining members. As the Great Green Charter for Human Rights state: “Democracy means popular power, not popular expression”.

U.S. Forces Kill Osama Bin Laden In Pakistan.

Osama Bin Laden is still a mystery to us. We think it is amazing that the United States has the ingenious to travel to the moon, to build satellite tracking devices, yet can not find one sick and aging terrorist. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq has gone on entirely too long.  It seems for the United States,  Osama Bin Laden is more valuable if he still a live, because he can be used as “scapegoat”  to  attack  the Washington enemies. But why, suddenly President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden that was broadcast by the mass-media around  the world? May 2, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was slain Sunday, May 1, 2011, in his luxury hideout in Pakistan in a firefight with U.S. forces, ending a manhunt that spanned a frustrating  decade. “Justice has been done,”  President Barack Obama declared late Sunday as crowds formed outside the White House to celebrated.  Many sang: “The Star – spangled Banner” and “We are the champion.”   The announcement of Bin Laden’s death sparked jubilant celebrations in America, with crowds gathering outside the White House and at Ground Zero where the Twin Towers had stood in New York.  Osama Bin Laden,  54, was killed after a gun-battle with Navy SEALs and C.I.A.  paramilitary forces at a compound in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.  He was shot in the left eye, NBC News’s Savanah Guthrie reported citing an unnamed U.S. official.  The team returned to Afghanistan  with Bin Laden’s body, U.S. official said.  The terrorist’s body was buried at sea, after being given an Islamic funeral, preventing his grave being turned into a shrine for extremists.  His home country,  Saudi Arabia, refused to take his remains. 

The discovery that Osama Bin Laden was living in army town in Pakistan raises pointed questions about how he managed to evade capture and even whether Pakistan’s military  and intelligence leadership knew of his whereabouts and sheltered him. Questions were raised over the swiftness of the 40-minute operation and why the U.S. offered the terror Chief’s remains to his Saudi Arabian homeland before burying Osama Bin Laden swiftly   at sea within hours. A result for the U.S.A. but it seems a little bit strange that they were able to do it so quickly,  even burying Osama Bin Laden at sea despite the fact that they were 1000 miles inland and were in helicopters which would have taken about 5 hours to reach the sea. The New York Times May 4, 2011, President Barack Obama decided not to released graphic  photographs Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, as new details emerged about the raid on Bin Laden’s fortified compound that differed from the administration’s initial account of the nearly 40-minute operation.

If we want to talk honestly, who most deserve to feel happy for the death of  Osama Bin Laden?  Of course, Muslims around the world who have been slandered by Al-Qaeda terrorists.  All of us already know that the actions of Osama Bin Laden is for the benefit of the C.I.A.  Since the events of 9/11 no more “bomb party” in the United States, but the bomb terror is always happening in Muslim countries. Those Muslims in Asia and Africa who have become victim of   injuries and death due to suicide bombings are not counted. Al-Qaeda members comprised of zealot and do not understand Al-Qur’an. They do not deserve to be called as Muslims, because they have killed innocent people, especially Muslims with the means of suicide. They are more accurately described as crazy people are sinful. The assassination  of Osama Bin Laden going very fast, there is absolutely no explanation in this case, why the reporters were not informed of his corpse? Why the team hastily dispose the corpse of Osama Bin Laden to the sea? This event was not witnessed by reporters. Even the corpse of Osama Bin Laden’s photograph was not published for reasons that make no sense. If indeed Osama Bin Laden is an important asset for the C.I.A.,  why  suddenly he should be killed.  

It appears that the announcement of President Barack Obama on the death of Osama Bin Laden is just a myth and a farce from the White House.  But why has  this happened?  Because there is the relationship with the United States which has been collaborating with the Rebels,  The National Transitional Council  ( N.T.C. ) in Libya. They were mostly members of Al-Qaeda.  From the beginning had a lot of evidence that the Rebels ( N.T.C.) in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is controlled by Al-Qaeda and defended by the international Zionist Conspiracy ( N.A.T.O. )  led by the United States.  This fact is very disturbing political situation within the United States. Therefore, President Barack Obama wants to prove to Americans and the international community, it is not entirely true that the United States government in cooperation with Al-Qaeda to get rid of Libyan leader Muammar Al-Gadhafi. President Barack Obama  can deceive the U.S. public only at ground Zero, but it is not possible to deceive the world community. August 6, 2011, Helicopter crash in Afghanistan reportedly kills members of SEAL Team six. One current and one former U.S. official said that the dead included 25 Navy SEALs from Team six, the unit that carried out the raid in Pakistan in May 1, 2011, that killed Osama Bin Laden. This event has invited suspicion,  because those who die are the Navy SEALs Team six. If all of Team six Navy SEALs dead, it is no longer living witness who can prove that the person has been shot dead was not Osama Bin Laden.  Likewise there were no witnesses, that the corpse thrown into the sea was not a corpse of Osama Bin Laden. In this case, it appears that the living witness of the death of Osama Bin Laden only Zionist clowns  in the White House who know exactly. They are ready to give tales to the American people and the international community in accordance with their version. So what exactly happened to Osama Bin Laden?  In September 23, 2006, the French newspaper “L’Est Republican”  quoted a report from the French secret service stating that Osama Bin Laden had died in Pakistan on August 23, 2006, after contacting a case of  typhoid fever that paralyzed his lower limbs. ——————–

All articles mentioned above will be updated and continued in accordance with the development of news that will happen.



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      Kozicki, thank you very much for your nice comments. My Blog is unique because written long unlimited and the focus is not only Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, but also about The International events where Brother Leader involved. Best regards from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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      Thanks Kozick for your nice comments.

  • […] In order to get a better handle on what to expect in 2012 we must examine all the data in greater detail. On the same topic: […]

    • 8. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  December 12, 2010 at 2:14 pm

      To The Possibility, I hope there is no World War in 2012. We ask to the leaders of the world in order to prevent the World War and create the peace. Thanks for your comments.

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    • 10. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  December 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm

      To bet365, I am very happy to read your comments. Thanks.

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    • 12. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  December 12, 2010 at 1:46 pm

      Dr. Martini, thanks for your nice comments.

  • 13. mallorca reisen  |  January 6, 2011 at 12:30 am

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    – Daniel

  • 16. James Bradley  |  February 27, 2011 at 5:07 am

    please take the time to read this, it is vital to save the world for World War Three, which the Yankees are rushing as fast as they can towards to prevent a revolution against their empire

    Iraq taught New Zealanders that the Yankees dont care about freedom and democracy, they only care about Oil. they are now trying to suppress the revolutions which overthrew their puppets in Egypt and Tunisia!

    The fighting in libya began because ‘the libyan oppositioin’ funded and trained by the yankees since 1981 attacked the Libyan peoples army which protects Libya and the standards of life gaurenteed by Gaddaf’s regime which are the highest literacy rate in Northern Africa and the highest living standards in all of Africa. the fighting made young libyans think gaddafi was a dictator and they joined the Libyan opposition opposition in protest to bring down Gaddafi. they did this to imitate tunisia and Egypt but the Libyan opposition is like the pro mabarak supporters, the mercenaries from Chad will be proven to be yankee hired mercenaries. The Yankee’s sabotaged the independence of Zaire by assassinating its liberator and bribbing a mercenary with 30$ billon to start the civil war and maintain imperialism, now they are doing it again in Libya. Cuba came to Angola’s aid to prevent the Yankee suppression of their indepenence, yankee imperialism was defeated by cuban internationalism, now we are going to be like cubans until Libya is safe! The Yankees are imperialists and they must prevent revolution for it is in their nature. Libya is the only country where protests would lead to civil war because it is the least corrupted country in Africa. this is why the yankke diplomats and ambassadors quit the government: they want to make it out as if Gaddafi can not be reasoned with. this is why the Yankee media lied by saying Gaddafi had fled to Venezuelea, to make it out as if Gaddafi never cared for Libya and only for himself, but Gaddafi stayed and said he would die a martyr
    the yankees want the fighting to continue so deaths pile up and leads to a civil war which would justify a Yankee invasion which would then be used to suppress the middle eastern revolutions.

    We call on all Tunisians and Egyptians to take to the streets again!
    this time they are defending the revolution by demanding an end to protests in libya to prevent a civil war, Yankee invasion and the suppression of the middle eastern revolution!

    all other arab revolutions must change their current revolutionary demands which call to overthrowthe dictators. we must change tactics because the dictators are not budging, they are waiting for a Libyan civil war and yankee imperilaism to save them. the protests mst stop in Libya to prevent a civil war and prepare to unite with Tunisia and Egypt, the formation of workers councils in egypt and tunisia and the take over of the economy by the commune in all three countries.a civil war would lead to yankee invasion and destroy the potental for revolution throughout the middle east. Libya, Tunisia and Egypt must unite before the a civil war starts or else the counter revolution may be victorious. Viva Libya! Viva Gaddaf who preserved Socialism in Libya and promoted african and latin american anti imperialist internatioalism.

    after the union is created, the ‘Jasmine’ revolutions will all simultaneousness begin again but will quickly overcome their governments and join the union. Then Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Mongolia will all join refoming the soviet union. all these countries have a workers party in control of the country.Then all countries will be drawn in together within one year and imperialism will be fully defeated.

    this message is being translated into all languages and being passed on to many countries throughout the world.

    pass on to all friends, until all of New Zealand knows.
    within a week all Muslims, all Maori, all youth and workers who support the arab revolutions, all people who are sick of this government which has dragged us into debt, must come out onto the streets. the banners you hold must say

    No to Yankee manipulation of events and media!
    No to a Yankee provoked civil war in Libya!
    No to Yankee Invasion
    No to Yankee Counter Revolution

    Viva Libya!
    Viva Gaddafi!
    Viva the Middle Eastern Revolution!
    occupy the streets until the world has heard and acted appropriately to our message!

    • 17. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  February 27, 2011 at 9:31 am

      My dear friend James Bradley, Riots in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is no longer the DEMO, but the REBELLION which is controlled by opposition groups based in England, Europe and the most dangerous is the terrorist Al-Qaeda controlled by C.I.A. and the international Zionists. Therefore, in the face of this evil foreign parties, Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi resolutely eradicate them with military power. This issue will be reviewed in a future article “Muammargadhafi’s Blog Part III”. While I am collecting data and facts from a reliable source, including my Libyan friends in Tripoli via E-mail. Especially with regard to crimes of Al-Qaeda created by C.I.A., please read “Muammargadhafi’s Blog Part II” in English.

    • 18. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  March 9, 2011 at 6:49 pm

      Thanks to my best friend James. Your nice short article has been shared on Facebook, especially in Indonesia and North Africa, including Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

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    Luqman A.R. Diab: Colonel Muammar Al-Gadhafi said: “We did our historical duty when duty had to be done by arms. Libya fought the United States and shot down its pilots and its aircraft. But now the time has come to reap the fruits of this armed strugg…

  • 25. James Bradley  |  February 28, 2011 at 8:23 am


    The Islamic peoples are in revolution against the economic results of the collapse of the free market, which is causing unrest everywhere else in the world as well, combined with the corrupted political institutions, which cooperated with Yankee imperialism over the last period, resulting in the political and economic decay of the whole region.

    The collapse of the socialist block led to the social, cultural and scientific degeneration of the former socialist states. Having no other options other than to trade with America, finance capital seeped in and caused corruption, and lead to debt, unemployment and crisis. Libya is a remnant of the socialist block and Gaddafi upholds socialism to this day, thus the people of Libya have the best living standards in Africa
    and the highest literacy rate in north Africa outshining others by 40%.

    ‘democratic freedom’ which allows free competition between different parties representing different class interests will inevitably sink into corruption in this age of the complete domination of the Yankees over the free market and no soviet union, socialist block or even communist international. Thus to preserve socialism one coherent party under the leadership of a revolutionary with a pure heart is necessary. That is why both Gadhafi and Castro, while they are ‘dictators’ are actually heroes preserving socialism.

    Protests against the government were not caused by dissatisfaction with Libyan politics and economics, and preference for another system, because no such system exists in the present in Europe or the middle east. They were caused by dis-satisfaction with life in general, which is caused exclusively by decay of imperialism, whose spread was facilitated by the puppets of imperialism like Mubarak, but which leads to the social decay of remnants of the socialist block as well.

    The fighting in Libya began because ‘the Libyan opposition’ funded and trained by the Yankees since 1981 as an anti-socialist counter-revolutionary group attacked the Libyan people’s army which protects Libya and the standards of life guaranteed by Gaddafi’s regime.

    The Yankee media made the Libyan youth think that just because Gaddafi had been in for 42 years, this meant he was a dictator, they believed this misrepresentation of information because they do not understand history and economics which shows why this sometimes is produced out of necessity to preserve socialism as a response to the corruption of imperialism in the first place.

    The Libyan youth were manipulated into being pulled into the ‘jasmine revolution whirlwind’ with the idea that now was the time they could rid Libya of 42 years of ‘ Gaddafi’s tyranny’ .

    However, the Yankees know that the Libyan army will never betray Gaddafi because it is obvious that the end of socialism would lead to the decay of Libya.

    To keep the protesters going the Yankees made many lies.
    Firstly they said Gaddaffi had fled to Venezuelan. To make the protesters think Gaddafi only ever cared about himself and was thus the dictator they were manipulated into believing he was in the first place. But Gaddafi stayed and said he would never turn his back on the revolution, as only a pure revolutionary would do.

    They said he went to Venezuela to confuse Libyans about who their allies are, they want to keep hammering in the lie that Hugo Chavez is a dictator when in fact he is a democratically elected socialist who is so powerful he appears to be like Gaddafi of Castro. These three men are the foremost anti imperialists of our age and therefore anti Yankee, thus it was necessary to say Gadhafi and Chavez are in the same boat to make their anti-imperialism appear to be mere phrases, like the phrases of the Iranian regime.

    The ambassadors and diplomats quit the Libyan government; they want people to think there is no point in discussions anymore because Gadaffi has gone mad.

    The Yankees are manipulating the protesters to keep on fighting, keep on dying and are provoking a civil war.

    The Yankees are imperialists. The French revolution of 1790 was suppressed by the british. The german revolution of 1848 by the Prussians, the paris commune by the Prussians, the Russian revolution by the Yankees British and French, the Vietnamese and Korean by the Yankees. The Yankees assassinated Patrice Lumumba the liberator of Zaire (Belgian Congo) bribed Mubuto a mercenary with $30 billion dollars trained his army and caused a civil war to prevent it from becoming communist.

    Thus it is in the nature of imperialism to suppress revolution. the Yankees will thus try and sabotage the middle eastern revolutions and must thus find an entry point to invade. Thus they needed to create a civil war to justify an invasion. The only place where the army wouldn’t join protesters would be Libya since it is the least corrupt country in Africa if not the world. That is why mercenaries have to be Yankee, the Libyan opposition is already a blatant mercenary group only concerned with destroying socialism.

    We call on all Tunisians and Egyptians to take to the streets again!
    This time to defend their revolutions by demanding an end to protests in Libya to prevent a civil war, Yankee invasion and the suppression of the middle eastern revolution!

    No to Yankee political and media Manipulation of the middle eastern revolutions
    No to Yankee provoked Civil War
    No to Yankee invasion
    No to Yankee counter revolution

    Viva Libya!
    Viva Gaddafi!
    Viva the Middle Eastern Revolutions!

    Cuba came to Angolas aid to prevent the yankee suppression of their independence in 1974. Yankee imperialism was defeated by Cuban internationalism, now we will all be like Cubans until Libya is safe!

    All other revolutions in the region must change their current revolutionary demands which call to overthrow the dictators. We must change tactics because the dictators have changed tactics; they are waiting for a Libyan civil war and Yankee imperialism to save them.

    The protests must stop in Libya to prevent a civil war.
    When peace is restored in Libya, Tunisia Egypt and Libya will immediately unite.

    Workers councils will have been formed in Egypt and Tunisia and the economy will be taken over by the commune in all three countries.

    After the union is created, the jasmine revolutions will all begin again but will quickly overcome their dictators and join the union. Then Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Mongolia will all join reforming the Soviet Union. All these countries have a worker’s party in control of the country. Then all countries will be drawn in together within one year and imperialism will be fully defeated.

    The counter revolution has begun. Send this message to all friends. Create protests in all countries within a week to prevent a civil war in Libya and reverse the trap set by the yankees to kill the world revolution.

  • 28. Atomic Bomb Footage  |  February 28, 2011 at 11:56 am

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  • 34. bellahx  |  May 11, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    I read via google translate – keep up with the good stuff !


    • 35. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  May 13, 2011 at 8:55 am

      Thanks. I am writing some articles for “Muammargadhafi’s Blog Part III” in English.

  • 36. cevon  |  July 20, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Thank you for a great post.

    • 37. Luqman A.R. Diab  |  July 21, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      I have read your biography and it is nice to be your friend. Thanks Brother.


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